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  1. 1 liter of water weights 1 kg. How heavy is the boat in kg? You need that many liters.
  2. Arrogance is when you think you have all the knowledge
  3. got to keep that damn boom out of the way
  4. and once again an interesting conversation bites the dust thanks to prejudice, intolerance yelled across the room by the few.. See ya FF. Hope you make it, or at least, make it into a good story. l
  5. I hope he makes it to the water. I rather doubt that will happen and instead we'll see it show up in Craigslist as a mockworthy contestant. How he plans to extricate it from the forest is going to be a chapter either way though.
  6. dodger! no way, I'd bump right into that one
  7. Already sniffing around for the posthumous movie rights!?
  8. Swam all the way to Indonesia and got picked up by a passing freighter.
  9. isnt that a contradiction. did you perhaps mean they are cleats requiring excorsism
  10. Powell River https://goo.gl/maps/PbpMj1QutdqWbQZm7
  11. Hee hee, I think hanging your bridal on a nice french cleat is an excellent afternoon
  12. But nothing is difficult to reach with a sledge. Some things may act coy but come out in the end...
  13. Did Holroyd leave the tag on his shirt? Where is the QA?
  14. So is 'Rita' their nic-name of the boat? Is that why it's in red lettering in the 'Britannua' text? If so, the matching red lettering says 'is second' in the subsequent image. Not a really positive message. Freudian?
  15. i believe he explained it - so that its easier to join (missing the boat builder speak) the planking into the stem
  16. Maybe its a weight balance to prevent/ensure correct twist of the foil? are they even allowed dynamic control of the foil? Thought it was just the arm.
  17. Dont try and tell me its not a commercial ship
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