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  1. I think you need to consider the longtitudinal cross-section of the deck, not the sheer.
  2. Learnt to climb in Switzerland where 'every' climb* has a sparkling line of shinny stainless bolts. Only thing I used to do was count the number of quick-draws before starting a route. Brought that new energy to BC where the climbs are mostly trad. Way different. The thing that I realized attracted me to the sport was the absolute requirement for focus. Cant think about anything except whats in front of you. Then when you do get to re-engage the world, you can choose what to let in, rather than sparring with shit thats already bouncing around inside your skull. I hear that same refrain f
  3. rode one of those from St Petersburg to Davidoff in 2000 Went past the naval dock/scrap yards and saw some weird stuff... imagine 4 jet engines on the back of a scaled up everglades airboat.
  4. That's kind of interesting. 208 boats sold in June. Must just be through that agency? Still - you can expect to wait 1-2 years to sell at 10% discount off list.
  5. I'm skeptical of the used boat market. Most of the time, I hear stories of great boats being given away. I only rarely hear of boats being sold for asking and asking near what they cost. I don't mind the idea of buying a boat. I just want to be able to move on when the time comes. A boat wont let you do that. I'm leaning towards a participation involvement at the moment.
  6. Isn't that how its supposed to go with used boats?
  7. I have to admire the oversized umbrella frame that appears to be being deployed as an anchor - or is it an oversized harpoon, bound with twine to help keep it all together. Admirable.
  8. I have to admire that it has two booms, so it can sail in either direction </purple>
  9. I'd suspect that over time, water, warping and rot make the initial effort appear alot less perfect than perhaps it was when built too.
  10. Ergo : sailors are all crooks! Ergo: Looks like I should visit Perth Ergo: NSW looks kinda shitty Ergo: dont buy a diesel from some guy in South Australia
  11. Easy mistake to make, but those are scuppers. Normally the scupper : topside ratio isnt as extreme, but this is clearly a performance vessel and the designer wanted to allow the water to exit the deck with minimum interference. Obviously.
  12. That looks like the hull that was sitting outside the small boat shop on Granville Island for years. More effort spent keeping the moss off than outfitting it.
  13. Really. dicers and solar ovens... All thats really required
  14. those remind me of the Stewart 34 - which were/are also a very competitive yacht. Not quite the same overhangs but a fast and comfortable cruiser too. Stewart 34
  15. Ah right. I guess FLW links are slipping. Google's algorithms are ranking fishing competitions over architecture, and as I saw no reference to FLW in the first page of results, I stopped looking. Whats wrong with that picture? sigh. I've never been in a FLW building. I've seen plenty of pics though. Talihasen was on the wall in fathers studio. Only Erricson building I've been in is the Anthropology Museum at UBC. Liked it. Didnt have a kitchen though.
  16. Wow! is that a bulb on the larboard (advanced) or did he just steal a leg off a big Johnny Walker cutout?
  17. I like that method too. I have two piles though. Little things and big things. Makes it easier to find the little things.
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