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  1. Is it me or is this quiet possibly the most boring sail racing ever?
  2. The only time I had any problems with my motor was ventilation related. The fan ran and everything appeared OK. It wasn't till I took the vent tubing off the fan, that I found the problem. Which was water sitting in the tubing, I emptied that out and in the process found an old plastic bag that had found its way in. Once the tube was clear no problem and a lot more airflow.. Might not be your problem but worth a look.
  3. I had engine problems and solved it by disconnecting the hose the fan blows the air through at the motor well end. A huge amount of water came out. I then made sure no other water was stuck in the hose, and found there was a plastic bag stuck in there as well. Once hooked up the engine ran well again and the amount of air coming out the vent near the stern was huge. Worth checking that hose to make sure nothing is in there.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jun/11/uk-government-very-seriously-examining-arron-banks-russian-links seems like tose pesky russians have fiddled with everything.
  5. Help or advice please. Flying Tiger down here in NZ goes very well in the light air races and the boat has just won the Nelson Regatta, the majority of races were in light winds. When the wind picks up to about 15 knots we start struggling on handicap as the others in the fleet are coming into their own. So any one got any good tips on making the boat go better in the windier stuff? or can I just assume the handicap doesn't suit it on the windier days? The sails are good apart from the running kite which has had lots of surgery. Cheers
  6. have a had a look at the information I have, which is off a drawing by Perry showing the deck layout. It says all the halyards are 30.5m long which equals 100ft. Hpe that helps. May pay to add a couple of meters more to be on the safe side. My spin halyard is a bit short side with the kite in the hatch Hope that helps,
  7. yep you need bolts to hold it in place.
  8. last week Flying tiger took part in the Wine Race across Cook Strait NZ. We managed a 3rd place in a race that started off as close reach turned into a bit of a broad reach, a lucky dip when the wind ran out, when the wind picked up again it was on the nose and a tack all the way into Wellington Harbour to the finish. We managed 3rd on handicap and 5th over the line. https://www.facebook.com/nzwinerace/ the trip home was in less than ideal conditions we ran out of Wellington Harbour with a small jib up and the outboard on. At one point we hit 10 knots and the motor was struggling to keep
  9. I'm sailing the one in Waikawa NZ we shipped it in from Holland, pleased with the boat, I've heard allsorts of negative shit none of it so far has proved to be correct, good bang for your buck. Still learning the ropes and tuning it up, which is a bit difficult as no others to race against, so going by gut feeling. It feels like it should be quick.
  10. I have a solution, dump the laser from the five ring circus, and get a newer design, anything that requires a challenge to keep it up and going fast. The laser fleet can then slowly rot away and go back to what it was designed for sailing off a beach for fun. the money saved in legal fees would be huge and people could go and find a better boat to sail, one that lasts a bit longer and doesn't cost and arm and a leg for bits. hell you could even get one with a decently designed and built sail, that would be a revolution.
  11. Thankyou gentlemen, I shall make it a tad bigger than what I've got as its easy to chop some off, as opposed to add some on. will let you know what sort of wiggle factor it has.
  12. Hi Guys, I am new to the sailing canoe seen and have picked up NZL2 an old nethercott deisgn. I am slowly getting it uo to speed. Can you advise what size rudder is best for this design? As the one it came with looks a bit small and I think it may be a bit shorter than it should be.
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