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  1. I think I remember the commentary saying the cunningham was loaded to 6 tons! No wonder Ken was bricking it with the poss of one of his sails ripping apart infront of the world. Makes my hand pulled 4:1 cunningham seem a bit pathetic.
  2. Jimmy say's "Good save"!!! after rounding stb windward mark on Leg 4. Almost a Magic rounding.
  3. Speeds up and down will be out of wack due to the cunningham issue as Ineos had to sail fast and low on the upwind and high and fast on the downwind leg. I'd like to see the relative VMG's side by side. Ineos certainly sailed a lot further.
  4. well thats going to be 5 hours, so time I went to bed seeing its 07:00 in the morning here.
  5. 10 miles to go at less than 5knts - going to take a while
  6. Sounds like port hull split - using the jib as a bandage
  7. #pradacup on twitter for those of us in the Northern Hem
  8. Sack the guy on the runner - now where have I heard that one before
  9. For what its worth, at current speed HB will get to PRB's location in 23 hrs
  10. https://www.alexthomsonracing.com/the-hub/race/ Works for me
  11. How does he "serve" his penalty? just hove to ?
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