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  1. I have a Hobie Getaway which is probably the same material as your Wave. I've used G-Flex to help re-attach the net channels when the screw starting pulling out (along with larger screws and more of them). To prep the surface I cleaned it with acetone and a light sand, then light flame treatment just before applying adhesive. The flame treatment is meant to create more activation sites in the cross linked PE. The cross linked PE is notoriously hard to repair and glue to. It is not suitable for plastic welding according to my research. I would be very interested to hear how well this
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, project has been stalled for a few weeks because my wrist is playing up. So consensus is that it's better to use a light filler rather than foam? I will be glassing over the top, probably 2 layers 400gsm biax. I figured foam would be easy to sand down, and should allow more flex than a thick layer of filler? I'll have a look into flexible epoxy fillers.
  3. You want to make sure it's slightly underside to allow for stretch. I thought mine would have much more clearance but when tensioned I was lucky there was just enough.
  4. For mine I doubled over the outer square of netting and then threaded rope through that doubled section. I then lashed it all together. It was pretty time consuming, but the result is good. Netting is knotless polyester.
  5. I've gotten most of the delaminated patch off now. It looks like the builder must have made a mistake somewhere and ended up with about 10mm of overlap between the hull sides and bottom and has just filled it all with bog. I'm thinking i will try to find a centreline so i can measure if the hull is symmetric in this area. Might have to roll it over... What do you guys think for repair? If the bottom is symmetrical i am planning to get a piece of 10mm foam and glue it on with thickened epoxy (obviously needs a lot of smoothing out first). Probably vacuum it down and then sand back to
  6. Interesting idea Bruno. She is very narrow at the bow. Would be a fair job though. New bulkheads, wider deck and bottom plate (base of the hull?), plus there is a floor which goes right through. There might have been an issue with buoyancy though. Builder ended up sticking foam on the outside after finishing her. He said it was to help tacking? Was all falling off when I got the boat, pic below is before I removed the foam. It's probably better to add a good daggerboard if tacking is an issue? Currently it just uses small centreboards in the amas, with a single rudder in the middle
  7. Thanks guys. That's what I thought but was hoping I was wrong!
  8. So i bought this amateur designed and built 21ft trimaran, which is about 9 years old. It has been sitting in the backyard for the past 18 months and have finally started work on it. While sanding off the paint i have come across 2 areas which i'm not sure how to deal with, both of them involve a layer of bog or fairing filler which has never been properly bonded to the underlying material, and both of them have a layer of glass over the top... when i have been scraping off the paint these areas easily delaminated in large sections, and the underlying material was shiny like it was not sa
  9. Yep, at least I can modify the trailer and find another way to strap it down to reduce the loading. I think it will still need repair, but maybe not a huge amount of extra reinforcement. I do like the idea of a rigid beam which all bolts attach to though.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. The boat is only about 7 years old, and has been sitting on the trailer for the past two. That's a good idea to see how/if it moves when folded out. The folding mechanism is based on the farrier system. I'll try to get a better photo of the geometry. Yes it is the opposite of what i would expect as well. I'm thinking this might be due to trailer loads, not sailing loads. I noticed the farrier trimarans have ama supports on the trailer, but this one does not (the amas are just hanging in mid air on the trailer). Also the boat is fastened to t
  11. I recently bought a custom (home built) 21 foot trimaran based on a Mystere 6.0 catamaran (very similar to a tornado i believe). 9.5m mast, 5.2m beam. It's in need of a fair bit of tlc, but one thing which concerns me is the folding mechanism attachment to the main hull. It looks like the main forward attachment points on the outside of the boat have been moving over time. The lower side is compressing the hull laminate and the top is separating from the hull with some minor cracking. The hull is made from polycore, a polypropylene honeycomb, with epoxy/glass both sides. The fo
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