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  1. " 41. OUTSIDE HELP A boat shall not receive help from any outside source, except after a collision, help from the crew of the other vessel to get clear "
  2. It's widely reported as a real story. Here's another article, this one not published on April fool's day. https://wavetrain.net/2010/12/24/charter-boat-loses-keel-and-no-one-noticed/
  3. I don' t think you can get a job this good just by writing cheques, you have to be intimately involved with the project.
  4. Stowe was just a boring nutter though, I thought Hotrod was more fun. He was really getting into the spirit of things before he gave up.
  5. I don't know - I think the rudders will have a relatively low load on them considering the speed that they'll be drifting at. Anyone got any force calculations for rudder loads?
  6. The rudder debate will never die! First man to fit a laser rudder to a supertanker and measure the forces gets a prize If you'd paid a bit of attention to all the knowledgeable advice (directions) given to you in the past by the members here What page is the bit where everyone's so fucking helpful? "That's shit." and "Can't be done." was the main tone of the 'advice' in this thread IIRC. Yeah, as bad as those dickhead solo sailors that have to be rescued at great expense from the southern ocean every now and then. Everyone should have a chance to fuck up really spectacula
  7. You read the rutter debate? Off the fucking thick as shit scale more like...
  8. Fucking hell, 80 pages of "Unlike Hot Rod I know plenty about boat building..." and we can't agree on how much force a rudder undergoes when sailing? And of course this all assumes the rudder doesn't stall; then there's a peak force equal to dragging a board sideways through the water. Right cos there's no point in considering the forces that would happen then. That would never happen to a rudder in normal sailing use.
  9. I mean look at ol' SloopJon banging on about what a good boat he has, what a good a sailor he is, When was that? Fair point - you never actually said any of that, but hey, this is the internetz!
  10. Now that is good. Personally, I find him hilarious, whereas the rest of you are pretty much a broken record and so malicious it's unreal. I can picture the detractors bouncing up and down at home yelling at the screen "Sink you bastard, sink!" I mean look at ol' SloopJon banging on about what a good boat he has, what a good a sailor he is, and is he happy? No, not while the Flyin' Hawaiian still floats...
  11. I like how angry everyone is about it. That's the bit that makes it fun.
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