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  1. What’s your program? Racing, cruising, a bit of both? In the Bay Area most boats that race are the F-31R rotating+extended mast version with transum hung rudders, rating -15 to +10 on PHRF. Fun boats to sail. Interiors vary a lot, as do boat weights. You probably want the R variants since you are in a light airs area. F-9 / F-9R is homebuilt / kit version of the F-31R, as far as I know. But i’m no expert - there are good specs / materials online if you google. F-31-1D is the turbocharged version of the F-31R with a bigger mast, significantly faster (about -35 PHRF if I rem
  2. The Ad says a "Banks 35". Not sure which one -- looks like a newer build (ad says 1989) of a 1970s design. Were popular up in PNW if you look at this site: http://bcmultihulls.blogspot.com/ (Banks 35 are: Limelight V, Solar Heat) Folks up in PNW may be able to tell us more. To me it looks like a longer version of a Stilleto -- light but pretty low on the water.
  3. Good deal ($80K) on a F-25C up in Seattle with basically brand new sails: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/farrier-25c-race-trimaran/6496222856.html. A bit too high for my budget, but I suspect this is going to make one multihull sailor mighty happy... In the meantime, less than 48H left on bidding Hurts Like Heaven, an even better deal (I suspect): https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1546764972. TradeMe is limited to residents of NZ or AUS, so I figure I'm going to be watching this one from afar -- otherwise I'd be sinking my teeth in with a decent offer...!
  4. Looks like an awesome boat...! And yes, likely a good deal too. Maybe this is the "traditionalist" side of me, but I prefer to give a boat a chance to stay local. Otherwise, I'm sure this tri would do nice enough in SF bay -- while it's mostly moderate to windy here, there are enough light patches on any given day that a good light airs boat could still perform well so long as the heavy airs are not overly slow. We do after all have Mama Tried, another 8.5M here as well...
  5. Now that looks like a fantastic ride. Makes me smile just looking at it! Gotta love those M32-style racks! Looks a lot like Afterburner's mini-me...
  6. Lucky you, that sounds like a bargain for that boat, and more so with good sails. I'm assuming this was a Seacart 30, not 26...
  7. I also spend a fair time playing with OMR, Texal and similar formula-based rating systems to evaluate relative boat speeds. However, I've never quite understood why the rating systems never account for beam, given how important righting moment is to sail-carrying capacity on a multi. For example, a M32 has a crazy high SA/D, as do SL33s, D-class, etc. In contrast the R33 is fairly pedestrian -- until you start factoring in beam... Arguably in stable conditions the lower righting moment may be an advantage to lift the windward hull earlier, but the moment it gets windy it's hard to ign
  8. Thanks everyone for the thoughts. It's a good discussion (and a nice change from comparing the >$150K rocket ships that we all like to see pictures of, but realistically can't afford, and certainly cannot afford to capsize / dismast, a-la M32). Multihuler - you never said, what's your R33 mast height? (they seem to vary a lot -- 45, 48ft...) Are you pretty sure of the 3000 lbs weight, and is that sailing weight or light weight (no sails, etc). I've seen 2,250 to 3,000 mentioned in different sources. Mast height and weight obviously make a big difference in how tender the boat is.
  9. Thanks everyone for the quick thoughts -- I've thought about all those boats and more or less eliminated them for various reasons (which may be wrong). Primarily the hassle of exponentially harder logistics - job & life in general make it hard to arrange the transport. Though PearShapperRacing certainly did a great job moving Dragon to PNW... I'd rather a boat I could start sailing right away. Yes, if budget was 2-3x, then F40, M32 or SeaCart would all start to get on the radar. But then what I'd really want is Afterburner -- it's a steal based on the ad I still s
  10. Question for the multihull racers here -- say you have good multi experience, want to race fast in medium/strong conditions, and you're looking for an affordable second-hand fast tri/cat. What boat would you recommend? This is both something I'm personally interested in (looking at boats in the US), but I'm also intrigued to learn how the answer varies internationally (NZ/AUS, Europe all have different pools of second-hand boats) -- that part is more pure window shopping, I don't see myself ever shipping internationally. I'm assuming: Accommodation not required -- dayboa
  11. +1 What I can't understand here is why they can't train the crews to actually do more than 1-2 things each. Just reading the two accident reports (both very interesting), it's astounding how many people they had on bridge at the same time... Fitzgerald had 6 people on bridge (including 2 officers: OOD, JOOD), while McCain had 11 people including what looks like 5 officers (CO, XO, OOD, JOOD, Shipping Officer). Not to mention the unspecified number of people in the Combat Information Center (looking at radar, etc). See images of bridge staffing from the reports below. Meanwhile t
  12. While we're talking of older racing cats, Lock Crowther's 50ft cat Top Gun was, and still is, amazing. Now sailing as EDoc (Facebook link here) and truly belies her 24+ year age. My father was the prior owner for 20 years under the name Atmosphere - Truly one of a kind, there's a reason he kept it so long. Sadly no real sistership was ever built (except for a near identical 40-45ft, can't remember the name, and the heavier 53ft cruiser-racer Room with a View). Bret Crowther's racing designs (Raw Nerve now Windswept 2, etc) in comparison experienced many mishaps and were probably flawed fr
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