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  1. Does anyone know if i550's have a PHRF rating?
  2. Went out again on Sunday, 5-7 knots with gusts to around 10. These boats really like to dig in and sit on that chine and IMHO they could definitely do better with traps, so I am ordering some wires to try it out. I also need to get that outboard into the cabin.
  3. . ....I've been wondering what it'd be like to attach those harnesses to the centreline--sorta like star harnesses That might work, though it looks like it still puts a lot of stress on the thighs. I guess you could adjust it so it is not as extreme as hiking in a star.
  4. Wow, 30-35 knot gusts must have been a handful. The trailing end of the keel is not square. I didn't do the alternating "rounding" like the you did Eric, but we have a one sided rounding like #8 in this table (or maybe #7 worst case). Will have to do some more sailing in various winds to see if it is repeatable/predictable. We've still got our harnesses from our beach cat days, so I might rig up a couple of traps and see what it is like.
  5. Took our i550 out again on Sunday, the winds were very mild, so it was somewhat boring except for a few decent gusts. Was good to get the spinnaker up and iron out more learning issues with the way we have the boat rigged. Unfortunately not enough wind to plane. Was wondering what the highest consistent wind speed anyone has sailed an i550 in? We found that even with 8-10 knot gusts, they sure have a tendency to heel and sit on that chine. Close hauled when we had one exceptionally strong gust, we kept her almost dead flat with a lot of hiking, and I felt a mild vibration through the
  6. . .....I don't know about 'Delta',,but I sure am ditched..........knee specialist said I don't have cartlidge to scrape in my knee joints...it's looking like 2x joint replacement. No wonder I was bitchin every time we tacked in Bellingham Yep,,, I knew a tack was coming by the sound of a groan coming from the back of the boat . Get those knees fixed, and if you still have the boat I could crew on next years. then the year after,,,, the Ditch run is high on my list for my boat. . .....it feels like quite a tunnel I have to work through over the next couple of years,,,don't expect
  7. That could be true! And what a great 4 weeks of escape it was. Time to start planning the 2015 OD class circuit!! With Lee's boat in the mix I guess a Bay Area event will need to go on the calendar... Delta Ditch anyone? We just need 5 boats. Delta Ditch looks like a lot of fun... count me in.
  8. Mark, I used Interlux. Epoxy Primekote for undercoat. Brightside for the blue sides. Perfection for the white deck (with non-skid for walking/seating surfaces). Perfection for the black deck with a flattening agent to give it a matt finish, again with non-skid). VC Performance epoxy below the waterline. The sides and bottom were sprayed. You cannot spray Perfection without the professional gear, so I did roller and brush tip where I used that. I originally planned to use perfection for the blue sides, but could not get a roller/tip finish I was happy with, so sanded it back and restarted with
  9. I had similar concerns when sourcing the mast section, but in talking with the guys at CST Composites was convinced it would be okay. They also added some reinforcing around the mast hound. Time and wind will tell Pretty expensive mistake if it fails!
  10. Thanks for the feedback! One of the reasons I chose to build an i550 was because of the openness of the design, and the allowance to experiment with a lot of parameters outside the basic i550 NA class rules. I stopped the cabin at frame 89.5" so I could step the mast on the deck, do the rotating rig and get the vang at a decent angle. It also allows us to get more weight forward if needed. I also lowered the deck by 2" to get more room under the boom. Looking forward to ironing out the rig and getting some sailing in.
  11. We just did our maiden voyage yesterday out of Richmond Marina Bay. Had a minor issue with the rotating mast ball, but nothing serious. Winds were light, but the boat sails well. You can see a few photos here.
  12. I know, if anyone could, you can identify the handy work of the builder. And he was an early first adopter of the flush deck i550. Jon i550-36 Lake Murray, SC Besides hull #36 that I got from Chris, Leeholl's hull #350 is also being built with a cockpit extending to frame 89. http://i550na.org/leeholl/blog I extended the cockpit to frame 89 (or actually stopped the cabin at frame 89 ;-) so I can step my rotating carbon mast in the cockpit. Time will tell if the decision to support a rotating mast, and the room to move weight forward will have any real benefit. My motiv
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