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  1. No but the wheel can slip if I don’t have it tight enough. I make the belts from polyurethane transmission tubing that is textured on the outside and is pretty grippy.
  2. I use a Hot rodded Necchi BU Nova with a Consew servo motor and a large weighted Sailrite handwheel.
  3. In the past as soon as he is on land he switches to FB and posts from the Delorme stop. If he's stuck on a reef than its a different story.
  4. There is a small group of his friends who have been posting wind maps and realize he's drifting too far north for Fiji.
  5. Noooo. Solo sailing around the world. World record book.. Alaska was just a distraction.
  6. Using a handheld VHF with a range of maybe 5 mi?
  7. He's a professional indigent, feckless halfwit. Been doing it his whole life. He won't work, can't sail, won't lift a finger but he's impressively good at grifting and managing his staff of enablers.
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