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  1. 1 hour ago, IStream said:


    Any issues with belt slippage? 

    No but the wheel can slip if I don’t have it tight enough. I make the belts from polyurethane transmission tubing that is textured on the outside and is pretty grippy. 

  2. 9 hours ago, Kris Cringle said:

    Fantastic. I always wondered how those things worked. Really basic tech, no wonder they continue to be popular here. Real heat, dead simple, no attached gizmos to break. 

    I couldn't help but think I fire my wood burner the same way. You use 'meth' (what is that?) to preheat not only the firebox but also the flue.

    That's the most important part with a wood burner on a boat. A metal chimney in a cold boat isn't going to be drawing. In fact, it's more likely to be the reverse and smoke you out. It needs help:

    Before lighting a kindling base in the firebox, I loosely stuff one half paper towel just inside the flue above the firebox. A lighter stick stuffed up there will ignite the paper. You'll hear when the flue reverses and rushes up the stack from the flame.

    Then you touch off the kindling which will have a great draft for a minute or two while the stack is hot. 

    I like how you show the heat up in the cabin. Heating a cold boat isn't an instant process, especially with a wood burner. But it looks like the Taylor is similar. You start off very close to the fire enjoying the direct radiation. In time, that radiation works a miracle around the cabin and warms all the surfaces. 

    Not much difference in the feeding except the timing, I add a chunk of wood about every 10 to 20 minutes. The wood does not lend itself to living aboard in the winter. I'm good with that. :) 


    The dog that was in the pilot berth in that photo is sleeping right now as I type,  attached to my hip in a big soft chair in our kitchen with a wood pellet stove and a heat pump just behind, keeping us both warm. 



    Is that an open fireplace on your boat?

  3. 52 minutes ago, tatters said:

    Yes- and who was it that predicted a rescue in the afternoon on the 1st? :P

    (Maybe better save me one of them there hookers....)


    My guess at the moment is that he is actually ashore- immigration, detention, hitchhiking, starbucks...  I'll bet the next news comes from FB, not the delorme.

    In the past as soon as he is on land he switches to FB and posts from the Delorme stop.  If he's stuck on a reef than its a different story.

  4. 23 minutes ago, Somebody Else said:

    I've seen a lot of stacked 5/8-wave arrays at CG shore stations--omni-directional with very flat lobes. I think around 3dB gain over 1/2-wave.

    I've also seen yagis at shore stations and those are highly directional with tons of gain.

    Also, variations of DF antennas like the image below.

    I was south of Punta Abreojos, BC Sur and due to tropospheric ducting was talking to CG sector Long Beach as clear as if we were across the harbor from them. That was over 400 nautical miles. I was on 16, trying to hail commercial vessel maintaining a constant bearing on us. CG Long Beach broke in and informed me that CH 16 was for emergency and calling only. I gave them my lat/lon and asked if they had any commercial traffic in the area. 


    Are you still on southeast Asian women?

  5. 5 minutes ago, Autonomous said:

    It boggles the mind how an indigent, feckless halfwit manages to have staff standing by to wait on him at every turn.

    He's a professional indigent, feckless halfwit.  Been doing it his whole life.  He won't work, can't sail, won't lift a finger but he's impressively good at grifting and managing his staff of enablers.

  6. 30 minutes ago, thereefgeek said:

    Holy shit.  I just checked in and it looks like this fool may hit dirt in a couple days.  

    I was way off the mark with the 27th at 0800 gmt.  

    There's still hope though.  If anyone can screw it up, it would certainly be the Master of Disaster.

    Not bad for someone with no idea of how to sail drift a boat on the ocean under bare poles.

    Can I please change my bet to Friday at 0800? ;)

    You can only change your bet if you commit to sailing the next leg with Rimas.   So...what's your new bet?

  7. 37 minutes ago, Great White said:

    Interesting that people are concerned about a day without communication. Then this shows up:

    Sky all in dark coming very heavy rain. I am its ok. Need to charge satellite inteqnet to send for you to facebook

    June 30, 2017 20:44:00 GMT

    3.2417°S, 159.2166°W


    I would Think that someone is reading here and feeding him info.

    ky all

    All of his Delorme posts show up on his Facebook page.  Enablers there feed him info and arrange tows. 

  8. New #1,#3 jibs, main and A3 spin from Ballard Sails just before that race. They cost more than I paid for the boat and trailer but all that is covered in other threads on how expensive old cheap boats can really be especially when you want to race them. Crew is all from Seattle too (well, just for that race). The first sail Ballard made was for a Santa Cruz 33 - Muffin.




    Start of the 2013 Chicago Mac race. IMG_0218.JPG


    Nope. Santa Cruz 33



    That's a very rare boat and it looks like you keep in very nice condition. Well done!



    Thanks. Its an ongoing project. She's been in Lake Michigan pretty much her entire life - formerly City Limits. Here's another shot at the other end of the Mac race after going under the bridge.







    I doubt Rimas got far enough off the coast to avoid the current wind trend.

    he can probably broad reach well enough to stay away from land and head south to Baja. Nasty looking low moving in from Hawaii....Rimas better get south of it.
    This cracks me up! You don't even know where he is...


    Can we please confine the conversation here to informed discussion about his supply of oats and 'taters until we have some verifiable navigation info? I would really hate for this thread to devolve and disintegrate into baseless speculation... :-) :-)


    You need to go to oats and taters anarchy. This is baseless speculation anarchy. We do know which way the wind has been blowing and that Rimas drifts.

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