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  1. I had forgotten the tune Bright Mississippi was written by Thelonious Monk. I like Mr Toussaint's version a little better.
  2. More about Sun Ra from The NY Times Struggling to Keep the Band and Legend of Sun Ra Alive By Corey Kilgannon June 30, 2005 PHILADELPHIA - In the Germantown neighborhood, an 81-year-old bandleader and alto saxophonist is struggling to maintain a crumbling town house and a legendary big band. The bandleader, Marshall Allen, lives in
  3. I saw a couple of concerts by them in the 80's. Quite a show in a sort of acid trip kinda way. The costumes and choreography were elaborate. Non-stop improvisational music was kind of hard to listen to for a couple of hours. Every once in a while the band would break into a Duke Ellington tune. I thought may they did that to dispel discussions that they could not really play. Sun Ra was an interesting personality. Claiming to be from Saturn, he was actually from Birmingham Al. His records were distributed through mysterious channels. It was rare to find a Sun Ra LP in the jaz
  4. Johnny Doublewide should have one of those R's with circle around it.
  5. Yes. Constitutions and laws are only as good as the people who live with and enforce them.
  6. Isn't Floride a liberal plot to poison the water?
  7. I seem to recall a murder defendant who claimed his dog told him to kill someone.
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