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  1. They can be an exhibit in the Royal MAGA Zoo.
  2. They look considerably more athletic than the Proud Boyz.
  3. According to Fox News Secretary Pete relies on alternate supply chain data provided by Kellyanne Conway.
  4. Is the self defense argument is available for the store owners now?
  5. Little Mr. Rittenhouse did not go to the protest carrying an AR 15 to defend himself. He went as a vigilante playing out an adolescent fantasy of himself applying frontier justice . He went to Kenosha spoiling for a fight and the chance to use a weapon he had no business owning. He's an idiot which, unfortunately, is not against the law. His mother is worse. Law enforcement officers failed to protect the public by allowing him to enter an emotionally charged public protest carrying a deadly weapon. This is totally fucked up. Their endorsement of him is sickening. My guess is h
  6. Hawley's gotta be in the closet.
  7. Why aren't the police who encouraged Rittenhouse also being charged with a crime?
  8. It's too bad the store owner didn't have a shotgun loaded with birdshot for both of them.
  9. Some of these folks think they want a shooting war. They forget folks on the other side are also armed, generally in better shape, and not too inclined to be bullied. Right wingers spoiling for violence should be careful what they wish for.
  10. I think we'll find this coup attempt was carefully orchestrated. Members of Congress who are found to have been involved should do some time in Federal prison.
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