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  1. Harmless and Alex Jones don't belong in the same fairy tale.
  2. Sorry Mr. Dumbass, you "wrote" it down. It'll be a great day when this creep walks into prison.
  3. They've got a thin skin over at the propaganda factory. Womp Womp
  4. The person who said Newt is a dumb person's idea of an intellectual had it right.
  5. This has always been all about a big con in service of the grift. It feels like a Nigerian email con exponentially multiplied.
  6. A little too close for comfort Eric?
  7. Four people who will be getting served.
  8. Just to be very cleat my friend only displayed the Darwin fish. Thus, his car was safe from marauding atheists.
  9. Thirty years ago a friend in Atlanta put a Christian fish symbol Darwin in the middle on his car. The "Good Christians" attacked and vandalized his car. Be careful. You are dealing with a very intolerant bunch of snowflakes.
  10. There is the Fulton county DA's case to look forward to.
  11. Oath Keeper charged with Seditious Conspiracy Hopefully there are more like this coming: https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/13/politics/oathkeeper-rhodes-arrested-doj/index.html
  12. Dawgs ! They did it with a walk-on quarterback nobody believed in. Way to go Stetson Bennett.
  13. Cute trick. I hate the bastards that pull this stunt: Run away from an obligation by filing bankruptcy, emptying the company coffers. It's the same playbook used by the creep who lost a billion running a casino in Atlantic City. Sadly he's not the only grifter who likes this game.
  14. Perhaps the bank involved decided they' d enough of this loser.
  15. Why not unmask House members and Senators who participated in the coup?
  16. They are playing the delay tactic Trump learned at the feed of Roy Cohn. Delay long enough to regain Congress and this can be swept under the rug. Do you think it will work?
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