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  1. Gitana training UFO incident. Main rudder gone and central hull damage. Sounds pretty major. Back home for repairs. http://www.gitana-team.com/en/article.aspx?id=0&type=actu
  2. https://www.thedrive.com/news/41372/rush-dummer-neil-pearts-silver-surfers-classic-car-collection-is-for-sale
  3. Something interesting on Apivia https://www.scanvoile.com/2021/06/secrets-etrave-apivia-imoca-charlie-dalin.html#.YNCyIbHYqbg Focus on the bottom of the hull of APIVIA, Charlie Dalin's IMOCA second in the Vendée Globe When it was launched in 2019, APIVIA displayed certain biases. In particular its hull is both light and powerful. Baptiste Chardon, engineer of the team, reveals the secrets of the bottom of the hull of APIVIA. Strength and weight controlled On the latest generation IMOCAs, the hull is always made of carbon. However, a debate exists between two schools. The
  4. They all tested negative PCR tests carried out by the skippers 48 hours before the start of the Vendée Globe have established that the 33 skippers are all negative for Covid-19. The fleet will be complete this Sunday for the start of the 9th Vendée Globe. http://www.courseaularge.com/vendee-globe-tests-negatifs-pour-les-skippers.html There seems to be very limited planning for how they will deal with anyone who returns to port for repairs within 10 days after the start, in terms of quarantine. Some teams have spare masts at Les Sables-d'Olonne for example. Another 5 (?) day qua
  5. https://www.scanvoile.com/2020/11/vplp-vendee-gobe-les-architectes-font-le-point.html#.X6LgK3DYqbg Interview with Quentin Lucet and Vincent Lauriot-Prévost (VLVP) New architectural competition The 8 new boats of the 2020 generation are divided between 4 architects: VPLP design (3), Juan Kouyoumdjian (2), Guillaume Verdier (2), Sam Manuard (1). And that changes everything: “ The challenge takes on a different dimension,” Vincent Lauriot-Prévost. "Before you had to do the best we could this year you must be better than others. The choices we made can be questioned, it's exciting, bu
  6. Another couple in the series. English subtitles mostly.
  7. http://www.courseaularge.com/vendee-globe-sauts-technologiques-impressionnants.html If we compare with the previous Vendée Globe, the changes are concentrated in three main areas: instrumentation, which hardly existed four years ago, and which, thanks to numerous sensors, gives you time real loads which weigh, for example, on the foils , the rudders and all the cables; automatic pilots, which allow the boat to be steered according to several parameters desired by the skipper, via what is called a system of overlays, specially designed by the team; communication, with new more reliab
  8. Conrad is out of it. Lack of funding. https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/course-au-large/vendee-globe/vendee-globe-un-candidat-renonce-a-prendre-le-depart-faute-de-financements-fac699fc-ccc1-11ea-b211-0ef9e0483b40
  9. https://www.scanvoile.com/2020/07/sebastien-simon-lance-la-construction.html#.Xxmu6DfYqbg Arkea Paprec are building two new foils to be delivered about 1 month before the VG. All design parameters have been beefed up and the design is being lead by Pure (NZ) with input from boat designer Juan K. The new foils will be C shaped again. They are planning to sail with the existing setup until the new foils are ready. The port side foil is reversible and both foils will be re-enforced. The foil that will be used on the port until the new foils are available is still being finalized in
  10. Sounds more and more like an B or even C list race. Who knows? More like who will care.
  11. Drheam Cup this weekend. May be some tracking on the link below. There English version of the site does not seem to be the working well. Ultimes are all going except Macif. Lots of C40 and Figaro 3 as well. Should be a lot of fun to follow. https://drheam-cup.com/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CCvBlkqA8mj/?igshid=1a8bp72hdmara
  12. There was something in the announcement about adding another class potentially beyond the VO65 and IMOCA. No details and probably, like the rest of the race, more meaningless noise. Beyond me how they could be so stupid as to try to run against one of the biggest ocean races, the RDR.
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