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  1. Fan is correct in how he is reading the rule its really clear: • Small headsails, including inner forestaysail’s, are those having an LPG less than or equal to 1.1*J. Sails in this category must be tacked on the centerline of the boat. Now you all have had me re-read the rules and I came across this one which contradicts the rule above (so now i'm stumped): 10.05 (f) Headsails may be sheeted to any part of the deck or rail, but to no fixed point higher than 0.05*B above the deck or coach roof, or to the main boom, within the measurement limits (see 9.10.2) or to the spinnaker or
  2. That Wizard was a gen 1 mini maxi'ish type of boat. The RP65
  3. Well after they broke the rig it was replaced with a mast of the same size. A Turbo VO70, in this case has a 3m taller mast, Longer sprit, Deeper and lighter keel, and powered winches.
  4. Wizard is a non turbo VO70
  5. I would imagine the foil arm were shipped directly from Persico Marine in Italy to the AM base. No reason to ship them twice.
  6. They started to build 2018 in Holland, Mi. Stopped and then restarted in Spain.
  7. I think its the Quantum Racing Tp52 that was a canceled order. Parking spots are about 9 feet wide and the airal view shows about 6 spaces that's only 54 feet long
  8. Here is the tricky part, when the pole is attached to the mast it is considered a spinnaker pole, not an outrigger or reaching strut. Rules say a pole is considered a spinnaker pole when it is attached to the foremost mast. Nothing says where on the mast it has to attach. Loopholes. So what happens is there is a lot of side pressure being applied to the mast right at the deck level. Then add in any vertical compression already on the tube.
  9. Question for everyone, I was asked this by a customer and I can't remember. What was the stock reefing set up? Or was there one? If not have any of you come up with a good solution?
  10. Guys, its a line taking the slack out of the leeward runner, pulling it outboard away from the main and keeping it from flopping around
  11. Here is the North Versions 3Di and Paneled
  12. Had a rigger cut in a new shive at the top of the rig, cut a new exit down low. Add turning block at the base of the mast and a clutch in the pit.
  13. Sure you can We mouse out the second halyard. We had put a second halyard on USA 11 10 years ago and that's when there was a real OD fleet in San Diego with 11 boats racing.
  14. Yes we have on the A4. Works great.
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