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  1. The Pogo 12.50 in Fremantle is for sale if anyone wants a boat at half price. Needs a bit of love, Sun damaged halyards, Main in a Stackpack for a year etc etc. Sadly it hasn't been maintained at a high level since the owner passed away.
  2. MSA


    Has anyone said that the Ringframe idea allows for fuckoff long retractable sprit on centerline avoiding articulating complexities? seems like a simple turbo option?
  3. Dark Energy Here in WA???? Hasn't been here for a while... And I'm sure when it was I saw the bowman on the bow way too long 99% of the time.. Glass houses mate.. Glass houses.
  4. MSA


    Who is the guy who keep screwing the pin end start.. Best position both starts, has a shocker both times!
  5. FB35 Boat 1 has 175m2 and an STL you can not even comprehend. The SPA is too large Boat 2 will have 165m2 with a Fixed Spirt and more realistic STL under any rating rule. Boat 2 will be in WA so if you can get a WA fleet of Super 11's go for it!, 2 FT10, 2 Melges 32, FB35, 2 x Thompson 870 probably more Ive missed.
  6. Any news on the Ker 39 heading that way? Repairable write off Purchase for pennies on the dollar Tender process.
  7. $30k... Drugs.. you are on Drugs. Its $30k to truck a boat from one side of AUS to the other. It would be $10k at the most for each boat to be trucked to the nearest crane launchable Jetty or Sandy etc. And that is including Rig in/Rig out Truck - $250hr Escort - $250hr Crane - $250hr If it took more than 20 hours you are doing something wrong.
  8. I love the Winter series!!! I was over from WA last year for the racing, Can't understand why the locals don't lap it up!!!
  9. I wasn't saying do it to just stack the sails... I was merely pointing out as the breeze lightens off, builds, changes angle etc you can stack. Every time you change a sail you can put the changed sail in the optimum place. I bet you the "One Design" boat that does that comes out in front.
  10. But if you hoist it and drop it, you can then "Store" it where ever you want... "Quick, Peel to the A1". Pass it out the hatch from Aft position. Peel Pack A2 in the bow. "Quick Peel to the Zero" Pass out Zero from aft position Peel Pack A1 in the bow The rule of NOT allowing stacking is plain stupid, because you can still legally stack as the wind changes.
  11. FYI Shaggy, I just designed an A3 for a 36 footer from Airx700. Same weight as your boat. Smaller Chute, But the Superkote 75 one lasted 6 years and never tore, and has been abused!
  12. Pretty close on the 130... The only one you can trust is SK350... which is 3.5oz hahah. That's Dinghy Mainsail cloth!!
  13. Airx 700 is 1.03oz. or 45gm2. Nylite 90 is 1.12oz or 48gm2 Interesting they say Superkote 90 is .9oz.. when the data sheet shows 1.10oz What is the 1.5oz cloth the propose? Superkote? so actually 1.65oz. There is a strange distortion on marketed name and the actual weight. Airx 500 (Super light weight spinnaker cloth) is actually 0.74oz.......
  14. 1.5oz is double the weight you need.... An Airx 700 kite would suit your needs as the "Light/Medium" and that is even overdoing it. If you are really worried, get a Nylite 90 or Similar. On 40 footers I have never built a kite over Superkote 130 and that was an A5... Designed for 25knots ++++ I would go Airx 650/700 split @ 40/60% split.
  15. 10mm is a bit overkill........... You don't even use 10mm on a 7.5t 40 footer..
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