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  1. These boats with the spin launch and retrieve systems are usually racing one design which means they would be running one type of kite, maybe 2 at most. Try implementing a quiver of different kites into the system and it gets a bit complicated. In my skiff class we are only allowed one kite during racing, so the system works for us.
  2. We have the FOF. Doesn't slam open violently when reversed and offers good control backing into the slip.
  3. One more thing - another rule we follow is that we NEVER tie a stop knot at the end of any of our tack lines. They need to run free and fast whenever required. I don't care how long they are. If you shrimp with a knot in the tack line, better have a knife ready.
  4. We find peels on our 32 footer very beneficial and usually gaining us a place or more. We practice though and anything more than 15 kts is about our threshold as things can go very wrong as the breeze builds. We also have twin under/over masthead halyards with a choker on one to run fractional if needed. If you strip and taper the tack lines, they weigh almost nothing so having two attached is really not an issue. Crossing halyards is not preferred so try and mange this by predicting what your sail order may be but you can get away with it on a very short leg.
  5. $300k for a 30 footer. Next question.
  6. Wow. A Cal 20 and a Mini 6.50 are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum in every way except for the length.
  7. Perfect. Hopefully it gets some love soon. Those boats are cool.
  8. Any progress in restoring?
  9. Old D&M Thistle- Maybe too far gone but it looks like it's all there with cool vintage trailer. Maybe somebody could save it. https://bakersfield.craigslist.org/boa/d/bakersfield-1955-teakwood-thistle-needs/7408890595.html
  10. Soft tool roll is nice to have for the common hand tools. Everything in it's place, takes up less room and doesn't bang around the boat/trailer.
  11. Since the Dyneema has no core, its much more flexible and thinner diameter. That means is runs way better thru the turns than any poly braid. Lighter, stronger, less water retention, and much more reactive to your trimming. Just make sure that whatever comes in contact with a cleat and your hands has some cover on it. Pretty much everything is tapered Dyneema on the boats I sail, even the travelers.
  12. Forgot about the person that bailed into the water right before impact. Probably not the best option.
  13. The Cat Trax are heavy to carry on your shoulders going thru a crowded beach filled with sun bathers but other than that, it's the standard for cat launch and retrieval. As said above, the cradles are the ticket.
  14. You can go high twenties on a big boat while sitting on your ass. To do the same on a small craft while trapezing is epic and a much smaller club. Make one mistake and it can go very bad, especially during the DD. Nice job.
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