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  1. I bet if I make some cool T-Shirts with the old Watts logo scanned, they go like wildfire!
  2. I have a bag just like this which I found with my classic 14 when I was restoring her. Way before my time but cool treasure.
  3. Tesla needs to perfect the Self Driving feature at the US/MEX border, Mexico side. Let's see how that works out. If it can navigate through that chaos, then we are progressing. Until then, Nope.
  4. AIS (Transmit and Receive) is required now for most West Coast Offshore events including SoCal 300 coming up.
  5. Spin pole is probably in 2 or 3 pieces after that. Too deep and too on the edge to last any significant time. Less sail and a bit higher angle would be better IMO.
  6. Get the dude a tablet so he can start building his photo thread again. Smooth recovery Mark.
  7. No back light on the MAX. Won't work for a lot of applications. I swap the ProStart between the 14 and the Sportboat so it's used around the buoys AND offshore. The 32 has a the factory mast mount. The 14 has a custom auto tacking swivel bracket that is tied into my mainsheet pivot block. I just take the prostart to the boat I'm sailing that weekend and snap it on.
  8. B would be the standard pin to pin reference in any class.
  9. Same here. BF good on rust stains in gelcoat too.
  10. Actually I do want to know. Which are the nastiest and what foods are they paired with?
  11. That's impressive. Looking great. Hopefully you didn't have to go upwind too long.
  12. Paddle Out Memorial for Hobie Alter some years back in DP... Alter's personal cat in the center. I'm in there somewhere near the outrigger canoes. Wish I could find a photo panned out more. Way bigger crowd then shown. The dude had serious waterman brothers and sisters.
  13. Heat gun is your friend. It's a fussy, long, crap job.
  14. Deck Hardware - Sydney. https://www.deckhardware.com.au/
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