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  1. Free Holland IOR in the SA Classifieds.
  2. Try to look for a harness next time with a spreader bar (doesn't pinch your hips) and an adjustable lumbar pad that is kind to your back. It makes a BIG difference between having a good regatta with comfort or slow agony.
  3. Harken will bend their track to almost any custom radius. You can send them the original for duplication.
  4. Go custom made. Not Off the Shelf. Your nuts will thank you. Bigfoot is the standard for all skiff sailors from 18's down to 29ers. Handmade in Sydney and shipped anywhere. Just a tad more cost than Zhik and worth every penny for the comfort and durability.
  5. Bruce, Thanks for creating the Laser. It was my first boat I bought myself when I was still a kid and allowed me to race level with the older/richer hotshots at the time. Your contribution to the sport is immeasurable.
  6. You have to jump on the train sometime. Start by crewing on a skiff to learn the basics if someone is available to take you out on one. It's hard to go back to conventional hiking after mastering the trapeze. I
  7. Gorgeous boat. Bummer about the rig. Who's on runners?
  8. Unfortunately, Haiti has been at the mercy of some of the most corrupt dictators and government bodies throughout it's entire history as a nation. Whoever takes over now will just continue the trend. So much money poured into that country after the 2010 earthquake but the people never benefited from it. When I was there, I saw that most Emergency staples clearly marked US Government Aid were only available "For Sale" at the local markets. Emergency Pharmaceuticals and Supplies were the same. Sad stuff. The Missionaries and NGO's continue to come and think they are saving the wor
  9. For the amount of money people are paying for this boat, there should not be issues like this. Nothing here is cutting edge ground breaking stuff. The owner has a valid case and should seek legal assistance.
  10. I think that's the largest rudder I've ever seen on a 28 foot race boat. Stock design?
  11. Cabrillo Marina is buzzing with T-Pac activity this week. Lots to do before the first start.
  12. Holds its own in light air just fine. Comparable to Capo 26 with the 26 having a slight edge in heavier breeze.
  13. Go get that B25. You cant go wrong with that boat. Fits your demands perfectly.
  14. They probably need at least 18 people just to get the main and other sails on and off the boat. Comanche had the same issues.
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