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  1. Well, I want to thank you all. I think you answered my question. The answer being....who knows! Maybe I'll just kick it back under the workbench. On the other hand i put it on ebay. Maybe somebody will buy it. Who knows?
  2. ok, got the word from the previous owner, the 2nd owner of our Valiant 39: "The bends on the end were done by the original owner of the boat and the theory is that they perform a function similar to the winglets seen on larger aircraft. They were supposed to reduce the amount of drag when thrust is being produced by reducing the strength of the vortices seen at the end of wings/props. " So I guess some manatee back in the late 90s thought it was worth the effort.
  3. seems like there would be more damage if it touched something
  4. I think this was the factory prop on the Valiant we had, included in the spare parts. Found it under the work bench. Curious what the bends are called and what purpose? Thanks Paul
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