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  1. Is there any explanation why ETNZ in both races started their “afterburner” only on the last downwind leg? 2nd race war really nice to watch them closing the gap from >300m to 60m during the second half of the leg, whereas both on the first and second downwind leg the distance kept steady. Maybe part of the media strategy to generate some “excitement”?
  2. I still struggle to understand the accident. The Spanish Fish(H)erman said in the interview he was fishing on port side with all lights on. Boris´ damage is on starboard. So they were going same direction, but with a decent angle, otherwise the bowsprit would not have been ripped off. Correct? So Boris approached from port stern side and crashed somewhere midship into the fishing boat. This also explains the picture of the twisted rail. Then he slipped along the port side, his foil crashed into hull of the fishing boat and broke. The mast/ starboard shrout somehow gets tangled with his cr
  3. The latest position report on MarineTraffic (and other sites) is more than 8 days old. So I guess the name came from Boris and his team and not from someone who had a quick look at MarineTraffic. He is actually still too far from the shore to allow AIS find him. So it is only boat-to-boat. If both have switched on.....
  4. Struggling to understand how to read the bow-figure. Why -1.30? Has it like this been all the time? Speed is slowly going up (figures shows average speed last hour)
  5. It is definitely NOT an Oday 27. THIS is an Oday 27....
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