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  1. There isn't any magic or silver bullets here. A big miss on your input here is your weight. It really sounds like you are destined to multi hulls or lead.
  2. Joshua


    Ice, I had a hard time locating one for a test sail too! Finally had to stop at the factory in Fl.... Delivery was also a little late. But all in all, I'm very satisfied. to me, great boat, price and quality. Cavi, try luffing & then blanketing the spin on take down. Seems like it takes less than 5 sec or so. I put a smaller line(2mm) on the furler to get more turns smoother and faster and a bungie on the tiller for self steering for a few sec. so I can keep a little tension on the sheet while furling. For a two mile reach at over 12 kts. its well worth the 5 sec. set up and furl time .
  3. Joshua


    Jerry, I got mine about a month ago and see no problems in the areas you mention. My experience is mostly in keel boats but the Raider seems very powered up and I just ordered a dolly for hand launching so weight ( the builder said my hull weighed 208lbs.) isn't a problem either. No one in the areas I've sailed mine in have seen or heard of them lending weight to the exposure comments but I get many kudos. Me thinks it probably is more than competitive with the boats you mention but in a gentler way until I unfurl the spin. Josh.
  4. Joshua


    Ok, to answer BJ2. I had a GPS hand held . the closest wind read I could get for the day was the Vero Beach Airport (about 1 1/2iles away). 6 to 9 gust to 12. The best GPS read I saw was low 13's (MPH) on a beam.reach with moderate but comfortable hiking. The inpressive thing was that I'm not an accomplished dinghy sailor and how easy it was to get there. I think that this is a boat that will perform and race well with good tactics and sail trim rather than the winners being the skippers who spend the most time in the Gym or home training rigs or the ooching and roll tacking specialists. The
  5. Joshua


    By the time I got there https://www.facebook.com/pages/Johannsen-Boat-Works/138673132847705 , the Raider with the conventional asso was sold (gone) so I sailed the one with the furler (code O?)..What a blast! I had never sailed a single handed mono so quick that easily. In the light stuff it was well powered up. The wind never got much over 9, but the boat speeds did. The builder / owner watches over every detail of construction. I ordered hull #130. More details to follow. Josh
  6. Joshua


    Dave, thanks much for the input. The builder stated that the conventional asso was more powerful on reaches and runs but the furler version reaches higher and (obviously easier to use). If I have time, I will try them both. Your assessment was good. Thanks again Josh
  7. Joshua


    I'm going to W. Palm before the holidays and going to head up to Vero Beach to the Raider Builder for a day. He's got a demo there with the furling spin and is finishing another with the conventional assm. if I want to try it. If I get one I'm going to be mostly (maybe always) singlehanding. but some time taking the G.F. who is really not into boating unless it has a entertainment deck and helipad. Any thoughts on spin type. Thanks Josh
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