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  1. I have sailed on this one. I prefer the GT version - and have a good soft-top on it. It can go upwind with a Corsair 36 - but as a cat I think they are scarier to sail in hard conditions upwind - a tri gives better feeling. Space - the TRT has a lot - and its a very fast boat - some would consider them overpowered. Mast, rudders , daggers - all carbon. There is GT versions for sale here in Norway - contact me if interested. Also a friend - thats is also the manager of the basic TRT project - and still have the fastert around - did a survey on this one recently - I can get you in contact with
  2. Back in the days it was always some about the ama bouancy - went from 100 to 300% if I remember correctly. Dragonfly has a thinking around this - they want the amas to go down and warn about to much power - for a racing boat - you dont ant that. But the DF boats - they work very well. I have been on an old racing tri sailing the amas totally under - it slowed down the boat but was not frightening (not a lot of waves).
  3. Again I dont get why how wide a multi is isnt a factor to cinsider while rating performance etc. If the boat is light has a big rig but is narrow its almost useless - it has to have the power from its wideness.
  4. How can a boat like that be so slow if it isnt very underpowered? From pics it doesnt seem extremely heavy ? - the it shuld be possible to get it going with the right rig.
  5. I see the topic of movement at anchor has come up; that is sure a problem on some tris inkl. mine; small chop from the side from passing boats will make it move so much it can be unpleasant. Living onboard that can be a big thing that needs to be considered. Waterballast fir the 50 was mentioned to keep it stable while foldes - same system can maybe be used to let the boat sit properly in the water - used in both hull - or in one to make it a "catamaran" - then it would heel slightly. Cruising trimarans sit with all 3 hulls in the water - if it sits deep enough it is maybe not a problem?
  6. The reason trimarans are "redicovered" is that some as Vagabonds want more speed and better sailing - the X5 GB and similar are fast boats but I think they can be scary to push hard. If you really want to sail the ocean and fast theres no better answer than a big trimaran.
  7. Then we talking more than 1:1 - almost no multis is that wide - the OMRA-60s was 1:1 some of them - and maybe those AC multis of 2010? ..... This is not the reason its not part of the rating.
  8. One thing I dont get with the MOCRA rating is why not how beamy a multihull is - isnt a factor? In my head its one of the most important factor to how a multi will sail. I just play with some basic stability factors over here - bec the SW is so wide it har extreme stability even its rather light. The Vagabonde Rapido 60 has a little less but loaded up a lot. The 5X has less stability than R60 - and if you load then the R60 will gain even more bec of the wide - and slim amas. So for safety the tri make a very good choice for cruising . I guess the SW would be a little too crampe
  9. It think he meant "production trimarans like 50 60 ft" ....
  10. Yes that can be interesting to follow - and will give very much publicity - hopefully good - if everything goes according to plan....
  11. The owner of PP is 80 - so go for it..... MOCRA-Ratings: Seacart 30 has 1.574 and a Grainger TR36 has 1.472 - so SW 63 must be very "low" rated at 1,6.
  12. Its only 9 yrs different in launch-time - but this Shuttle-drawings must be abit old.... it seems to have som more touring comfort added - but if the weight is correct its a seawolf. If the interior-wood is just skins with foam-core - it can be light.
  13. This is a gem; very light at 5,5 tons and with the 22m 0,7 rotating carbon wingmast it will be very close to SW in performance in the light stuff.
  14. Its clear that Shockwave has extreme stability - how would you say the safety is there compared to GB62 - even the tri goes faster - I would prefer to be on that one - just for safety. And yes the Rapido 60 should have a lot potential - it has more upwind sail than SW but are 3m narrower at around the same weight - The GB62 seem also to have more upwind sail than SW - at 16t and 8,7m TS5 is around 10t at 8,6m wide and 50ft long - less sail area.
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