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  1. With the long hulls it not so fast to head up in a gust - need to adjust the sails instead - and narrow beam means the healing will be noticable at one hull.
  2. "It is a tamed racing catamaran with an ultra-lightweight interior and a high specification. It is meant to fly a hull in 12 knots of wind, whilst still being easy to handle. " "Part of the secret to the boat’s performance is that, like all Irens-Cabaret designed record breaking trimarans of the last decade - from Ellen MacArthur’s B&Q trimaran to Francis Joyon’s IDEC and Thomas Coville’s Sodebo, the GTcat 66 has very slim hulls and is long for her beam. “Long slender hulls have less drag,” which is a fundamental philosophy Nigel has pushed throughout his long career in designing mult
  3. I have urged the owner of the TRT over here to make a XL2 conversation at the bows.... but it took several years to get those hulls painted all up - so it will take a while... similar would be the SIG 45 - but the price is astronomy - and the concept not quite as clear as the TRT that is a development of the Shockwave 39 - using the main beam as a living volume and perfect work-bench for sailing.
  4. To be positive - when the first boat you are looking at is a Crowther - there might be hope. Some can pull of a start on a big boat - then you need some basic skills and mindset - have a basic understanding of what you are doing. But the sell everything and buy an old boat thing- real estate are investments that can give you income in lots of ways - boating is usually just money running out all the time.
  5. That is true - but I think that the Dazcat 1195 is quite similar concept - the wife would not be too impressed. The cabin version of the TRT is not looking good - but the GT with full painted fulls not too bad - and they are superb in handling an cockpit space.
  6. To get to Europa via Greenland/Iceland is the Leiv Erikson route - not much used - but very exciting - and the passages in not too long .... but some additional problems like icebergs and cold climate. From Greenland its usually good wind direction to Iceland - and further.
  7. ..and it can be about to have a "reasonable" starting price - and then its the extras... like carbon mast - rotating etc. All the old TRT1200 from early 2000 had vinylester hulls and structure, rotating carbon wingmasts ,booms rudders and daggers - was lighter and has +10-15m2 more mainsail. Used they cost from USD 100-200K now.
  8. well I see also the TS5 or ORC50 as they call it now has a non-rotating alu-mast.... at those prices ..... cant imagine to get a performance multi without rotating c-mast... have problem seeing its so complicated and I know it works.
  9. The link in the ad - leads to this...my take - I dont want to registrer and have an account to look at used boats....
  10. That 2011 - 1195 at 520T USD - ordinary alu non rotating mast - simple interior - low standing headroom - 1 head.... and you have to log in to get more info like weights etc. (hate logins) is that boat really worth that much? ...better be light...
  11. I really get that these -"just race" events with no rating is so popular - like the Silverrudder in Denmark - and the R2AK etc. If we get a genoa we rate like a rocket ship - higher than a Maxi 100 - something has to be wrong.
  12. ...a proa tread always delivers... colorful... with twists and turns...
  13. 900kgs - with the aluminium mast and a lot of wooden trim....and the metal folding system - why dont they use carbon? - and that engine - 40+kgs ???
  14. For light winds - its less weight more sail that is the thing and also trimming the balance. But in breezy the many options can be played with. The cantig rig - and adjustable forstay is rather easy and cheap things to do compare to foiling/lifting options. T-foil rudders is cheaper than foils.
  15. Ref windsurfers ; they can fly with the mast canted upwind. Also they change the centre og effort of the sail by canting it backwards - to have an adjustable forstay can give that effect on a bot too - canting and moving backwards should have good effects and be trim possibilities.
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