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  1. Used tris are not expensive... just the Dragonflys....they keep their value - all others are cheap. Hard to sell due to limited space...and looks intimidating to sailors that are not used to trimarans. If they cant b folded they are also hard/expensive to keep somewhere.... and they can be work intensive to keep with all the details and complex construction.
  2. R2AK? - thats a boat for it.... Panama-canal or the long way?
  3. I see its 1300kg - 26ft - and they are 5 on board. But sailing on one hull they use all of the stability with 3 at the upper ama - so they really push the boat hard. Must be a solid little boat .
  4. So there were some interest then... good - hope it get fixed and bck in the game.
  5. 4.750 pints now - I predicted 5000 ..... 5 hrs to go......
  6. This cant be made by letting other do the work and pay for it - its a self-projekt. It will go for less than 5000 British lire - and then you get some basic good structure of a very powerful 35ft trimaran and some good parts. Used sails for this boat is cheap - even good sail used. The mast is carbon and can be fixed. For a person with skills and time -and little money (there are a few). This can be a good opportunity. Its a good basic design/structure.
  7. Now its really an opportunity for the right person - can be very cheap. And that old alu-non rotating mast need to be replaced with a rotating carbon anyway. If the basic structure daggers and rudders are good this can be something. Buy used carbon-mast/boom and get new used sails - a lot on the marked for a boat like this.
  8. Good and ready for race the XL2..... and what might be future plans for the owner....quiet beachlife?
  9. What?? Is XL2 only 1120kg?? No I think its more around 3200 maybe a little more...
  10. haha... yes it could go on like that...
  11. That 50ft mono is cheap - here the Sun Fast 3300 has become popular - at 200T Euros - I dont get it....
  12. It works. Yes its some difference in the concept; the SW39 (37?) is more a racing boat - the TRT is a fast touring boat; Hullshape TRT has max volume symmetric hulls with flares to make big inside volume and the full length of the hull is living volume. Then the mainbeam 2m deep with two double beths and place for most of the sailing gear. Flat big solid floor and a rear beam of glassfiber with inside volume. Its very easy to sail singel or shorhanded or with family, can have two trolleys in the back of the cockpit. They made sandwich walled carbon wing-mast and booms for them - very light - b
  13. With the long hulls it not so fast to head up in a gust - need to adjust the sails instead - and narrow beam means the healing will be noticable at one hull.
  14. "It is a tamed racing catamaran with an ultra-lightweight interior and a high specification. It is meant to fly a hull in 12 knots of wind, whilst still being easy to handle. " "Part of the secret to the boat’s performance is that, like all Irens-Cabaret designed record breaking trimarans of the last decade - from Ellen MacArthur’s B&Q trimaran to Francis Joyon’s IDEC and Thomas Coville’s Sodebo, the GTcat 66 has very slim hulls and is long for her beam. “Long slender hulls have less drag,” which is a fundamental philosophy Nigel has pushed throughout his long career in designing mult
  15. I have urged the owner of the TRT over here to make a XL2 conversation at the bows.... but it took several years to get those hulls painted all up - so it will take a while... similar would be the SIG 45 - but the price is astronomy - and the concept not quite as clear as the TRT that is a development of the Shockwave 39 - using the main beam as a living volume and perfect work-bench for sailing.
  16. To be positive - when the first boat you are looking at is a Crowther - there might be hope. Some can pull of a start on a big boat - then you need some basic skills and mindset - have a basic understanding of what you are doing. But the sell everything and buy an old boat thing- real estate are investments that can give you income in lots of ways - boating is usually just money running out all the time.
  17. That is true - but I think that the Dazcat 1195 is quite similar concept - the wife would not be too impressed. The cabin version of the TRT is not looking good - but the GT with full painted fulls not too bad - and they are superb in handling an cockpit space.
  18. To get to Europa via Greenland/Iceland is the Leiv Erikson route - not much used - but very exciting - and the passages in not too long .... but some additional problems like icebergs and cold climate. From Greenland its usually good wind direction to Iceland - and further.
  19. ..and it can be about to have a "reasonable" starting price - and then its the extras... like carbon mast - rotating etc. All the old TRT1200 from early 2000 had vinylester hulls and structure, rotating carbon wingmasts ,booms rudders and daggers - was lighter and has +10-15m2 more mainsail. Used they cost from USD 100-200K now.
  20. well I see also the TS5 or ORC50 as they call it now has a non-rotating alu-mast.... at those prices ..... cant imagine to get a performance multi without rotating c-mast... have problem seeing its so complicated and I know it works.
  21. The link in the ad - leads to this...my take - I dont want to registrer and have an account to look at used boats....
  22. That 2011 - 1195 at 520T USD - ordinary alu non rotating mast - simple interior - low standing headroom - 1 head.... and you have to log in to get more info like weights etc. (hate logins) is that boat really worth that much? ...better be light...
  23. I really get that these -"just race" events with no rating is so popular - like the Silverrudder in Denmark - and the R2AK etc. If we get a genoa we rate like a rocket ship - higher than a Maxi 100 - something has to be wrong.
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