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  1. Check the lamination around the CB. The delamination of mine was initiated exactly at this point!
  2. Hi Dex, you can see the whole restoration process, along with the end result in facebook where you can find me as "Dionisis Klavdianos". Sorry for the inconvenience but uploading photos in the forum is a nightmare.
  3. Good morning! It's going actually pretty good. I know i have stopped posting in Sailing Anarchy because the User Interface and Interaction is totally annoying! Especially posting photos. Anyways. The full progress is on facebook therefore, if you have an account I could add you as a friend and you could have a look. And by the way my latest work was the veneering of the deck. I have found multiple tips and tricks!
  4. Regardless the new frame an extra support is never a bad idea!
  5. Moving on to the transom where the frame was trimmed badly in the past and needed to be rebuilt from scratch.
  6. After the last veneer layer curing and some hours of sanding...
  7. Thank you Alan. There's actually more progress to share. It just takes time to organize all photos and restoration phases.
  8. Drilling and cutting the centerboard trunk slot
  9. I might have neglected posting but the progress is happening! So here is the last veneer layer lamination:
  10. There are multiple ways to prevent damaging the veneers, but in any case it requires really advance skills and professional equipment or a lot of practice and experimentation. Regarding the vacuum, I will agree with you, its the best practice to follow. However, regardless the technique know-how, it is significantly costly where I'm trying to keep cost, logistics and crafting skills in a balance in order to reach my goal safely without any surprises which might cost me both money and time. In any case, I would like to see your work on these boards. Sounds very intriguing!
  11. To be honest, a generic paint job is inferior to natural wood and varnish... On the other hand, I would like to pay more attention to structural reinforcement and rigidity which requires some serious engineering and consequently wood crafting skills which I'm actually more interested in looking into and learning.
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