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  1. Does anyone know of any place in the Keys that rents out small sailboats by the week or day? All I can find is paddleboards, jet skis, etc. I'm looking for maybe a Sunfish or a small day sailer for the end of June. Anyone down there have one I could charter from them?
  2. ACADIA's owner Burt Henry Keenan died peacefully in Hilton Head, South Carolina on April 22, 2021, at the age of 81. He was born in New Orleans, the son of the late Mary Lee Baker Keenan and Walter Cook Keenan, Jr. He was preceded in death by his brother Walter Cook Keenan III and his wife Gail Perrin Keenan. He is survived by his wife, Carol Schwaner Keenan; his daughters Lucille Baker Keenan (Drew Bruch) and Kristen Cook Keenan; his son, Michael Crawford Keenan (Carmel); and stepsons Harrod Blank and Beau Blank. He is also survived by his grandchildren Bennett Keenan, Abigail Keena
  3. I see what looks like a marina in the background. Has no one tallked to this guy? I think he is building a B&B for the marina. No way this thing leaves the marina.
  4. I stopped reading this madness when Soysauce abandoned ship. What's happened since? Is she really pregnant?
  5. Tampa Bay has a defensive tackle named Chris Hovan. No wonder they lost today!
  6. I listened to there Christmas message or whatever it was called and when asked what they had planned for Christmas Eve Reid said they had a big meal planned and was looking forward to it, while Syonara says all the meals are the same and Christmas Eve will be like any other meal. Hummmm.
  7. Big Stuff


    I got this is an email. What's the answer to this math question: Math question: You have nine girls on a bus Each girl has 7 pairs of pants they are not wearing. How many balls can you stick in....
  8. Chariots of the gods man, chariots of the gods!
  9. Has it been 3 days since their last contact?
  10. I noticed the same thing about the water color......and then Sayonara mentions it. And how in the fuck does she know that blue water is not the norm?
  11. You actually believe this dumbfuck has/had the brains to set up drops for resupplying, etc? And Metocean is in on it? Dont give this Cheesehead any credit. While he may be out there, I bet if you gave him some coordinates he wouldn't get within 100 miles of it.
  12. Uh oh....... PHILADELPHIA, Tenn. — A Tennessee company is recalling cheese sold in seven states and distributed nationwide in gift baskets that could be contaminated with dangerous bacteria. No illnesses have been reported.
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