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  1. Try this link for the infamous Keeldragger Teamwork Sailing Video and let me know how it works.
  2. Unknown. No set agenda. I'll likely make La Paz somewhat of a base and expect to spend most of my time on the West side. I would like to explore up to Bahia de los Angeles.
  3. Thanks, guys! I'm pretty stoked for this adventure!
  4. Decided to retire early and do some serious cruising. Keeldragger is heading to the Sea of Cortez in December. Adios.
  5. keeping this thread alive. 15+ years of debauchery.
  6. Keeldragger V finished the Baja Bash last weekend. I hired a delivery captain and crew since I could not take all of the time off. Managed to join in for the first and last legs: appx 200 miles out of the ~1000 mile journey. First leg was from La Paz to San Jose Del Cabo. Next window was to Bahia Santa Margarita, then to Isla de Cedros. Plan was to go from Cedros directly to San Diego, but the weather window was only good to Ensenada. Ensenada to San Diego to San Pedro to finish the journey. While the boat has been well-maintained, I was a little nervous about the possibility of a
  7. Thanks! Prior owner did a first rate job on maintaining this boat.
  8. Is Ernesto the gentleman I've heard referred to as "Boss Hogg"? I've heard from several that Isla de Cedros is a better stop for fuel.
  9. Happy Holidays everyone. Just another semi-annual check in. I sold my Dana 24 and bought a Valiant 40 in Mexico. Bashing back up Baja soon, I hope!
  10. Semi-annual thread bump. Hope everyone is having a good Spring.
  11. I guess this is the annual thread bump. Happy Holidays everyone!
  12. Train wrecks make for the best entertainment. Plus, they make me feel better about my own sailing abilities.
  13. Time for the semi-annual thread bump. We'll see if the thread sticks around for another 10 years. Remember... TEAMWORK! Happy Holidays! KD
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