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  1. It shouldn't be hard for some forum participants to sketch up various ways of showing what has been described and also their own suggestions - such as whether the "reduce sail mod" that many sunfish owners use works for the Rocket. If I didn't miss the convo, does anyone know what ID and length tube (or box I built one) would hold the mast and starts easily for transport and storage? I know you don't need to "box" them, just thinking out loud. I'd be tempted to roll the sail up around them - but I think that's bad for the sail as it eventually can get caught on hardware and messed up
  2. I've been in FL for much of this....here is a summary of just SOME of that: "Being in Fl, narrative has been "we are best", then "top ten" then "somewhere in middle" then "well, better than a bunch", then "ONE place that got hit b4 test and treatment with 10X the density and public transit will be worse" - And, finally, as our buddy above "I'll bet you that the deaths will come down to only DOUBLE or more of what the sane are". The very same people who pushed the #1 jazz...still, to this very day, will not say "we were wrong". How hopeless can the world (or people) be when their tea
  3. "Our Money" - a game whereby the Gubment prints (or just adds digits) and makes people think it's worth living and dying for. "Spending Problem" - I really do need that 150 Billion I have so will fight against anything that asks me to help benefit the society that holds me up and allowed me to prospect "But But But - this 300 Billion dollars!" - Given the 16-20 TRILLION that Covid is costing the USA - add TFG 2.5 Trillion to that, consider our over-priced suck Health care at almost 4 Trillion a year.....I propose we start discussing things only in small "units" of 100 Billion each. A
  4. Wow, hull #50. Shows how much work goes into these things. It's not a Henry Ford type of thing (although Im sure if orders for 500,000 units came in we'd figure something out). I'm looking forward to getting mine before the Winter and hauling it to FL (that is, assuming the whole state isn't zombies by then). I was out sailing the "whitehall thingy" I have yesterday and, although any day out on the water is great, it had me looking forward to a bit more skimming (over the water). Bigger shop sounds good. Another Big Job in moving but that's a challenge I always enjoyed (trying
  5. Everything we do is all about this pretense. This is the Sport of Mankind. Go through the motions. Make a grand play of it - a spectacle. The idea that if we fix something like the budget - things would be "better" is crazy in itself. When everyone benefits from something, selfishness rules - in the USA. We have always taken that view. OK, so we balance the budget. Wait - the single largest problems in the USA today (besides our entire system) is the 3.5 Trillion dollars a year we spend on the ripoff called Health Care. This puts the Military-Industrial Complex (1.5 T)
  6. At this point it's all a game and all in fun. The system failed long ago. Now it's just a matter of whether it crashes quickly (unlikely) or we stumble through more and more decades with some booms and busts but the general trend being as it has been (lower wages, more locked out of decent lives, not expecting much, etc.). When we are 30 Trillion into it and the Bills for Covid will end up adding at least another 10 Trillion, it's somewhat laughable to discuss billions - or 100's of billions. Given this, we should just fund everything decent and see if we can make some lives be
  7. Being a history nut (real nut!), I wonder how this is going to be looked at decades from now? It's full-on Jim Jones stuff, but the USA is like Florida in a lot of ways. We tend to moderate out how bad things were. History books will surely not say "An idiot was elected POTUS and somehow he rallied the Christians and many others to follow him as a Pied Piper...to their graves, while he lived through it all due to better medical care". What are they going to say? I wonder even now what they teach about Nixon in middle school or high school? If, as I suspect, the US is going in
  8. One of the worst parts of this Florida thing is that - I believe (bad words, I know) - that even the vaccinated are in trouble when you unleash a total COVID STORM. The whole idea of society is to moderate our tendencies - vaccines seems to work very well when SOME behavior modification is combined and you can keep the COVID levels down. BUT, and this is anecdotal, I suspect that massive viral loads caused by Idiots endangers everyone. One of the first vaccinated deaths I heard of was a health care worker in FL hospital who got COVID in-between the two shots. In any normal situation, you
  9. Hopefully a sketch will be done by someone so I understand better - or, it will probably become really evident the first time I take the boat out. I'm always looking for better idea and being able to sail one hand or even no hands (for a few seconds) is one of them. I actually took a swim at Bristol Beach a month back - but only because I had my 11 yo grand daughter with me and had to demonstrate how one attacks the water.
  10. Corsair Sprint 2008 24 foot. A blast in the RI breeze.
  11. Trump got an erection? Good for him. He's getting somewhere. Now if he can just control all the other orifices during the act he'll be Golden.
  12. You near Bell by any chance (the river flows near my sisters place there)?
  13. I actually do theorize that many COVID deaths are "deaths of despair" (whether they know it or not). Let's assume - that what we feel (that is, those of reason) has some truth - that perhaps we are at lastly slightly "self-aware" (not enlightened, for sure, but can sometimes step back). I certainly notice how hard it for me - or my wife (even more!) to admit we are wrong - or that we screwed up, even when it is evident we did. AND, if we didn't and yet someone says we did - wow, here comes the damn nuclear attack! But at least I know that I am doing it! There is another voice i
  14. I sold it and it's for sale again - hummers' 91 from Bob and Ira (used) - docked off Sandy Point in Portsmouth RI for 8 years. Love that boat. Now I have a little Fulcrum Rocket on order - tho - for Florida, hopefully, if I even go back (we own a house in Sarasota).
  15. I still have to wonder how they wipe their asses and stuff. One cannot get the basics right and yet not have SOME foundational knowledge.
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