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  1. The word stamped on a person by the Gubment means nothing to me. People are felons for having some pot and commit perjury if they lie about it. I couldn't even attempt to compare M. Cohen with these other pervs and traitors. On a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 in the worst a human being can be, I'd put Rudy, Trump, Jared, Manafort, Stone, etc. up there. Cohen would be more a 5 - probably typical of a lot of people if they had the smarts he did and were sucked into a gang. I could see myself being a friends (not too close, but a friend) of Cohens, but as far as the rest of that crowd I
  2. While this might be true, they are safe in Florida and actually backed by the State Gubment -and can plan the insurrection using 10's of billions of taxpayer money the rest of the country gave them! Try that in Mexico!
  3. One of the strangest things is how far back we have traveled - today we had a POTUS who wasn't even up to the 1700's on disease. The same guy, I think, spoke about education - yet it appears many never heard him and think that even 10 generations later we should not be teaching the civilizations he so admired.... ------ I must study politics and war, that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. Our sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture in order to give their
  4. If he was a Man of the Reich he'd have stayed w Free-Dumb in Florida here....lots of current positions in the planning and execution of the 4th Reich here and now.
  5. I look at it as a perfect example of that "rote" which we lament upon. By the time it gets out there and taught as a baseline we've moved on to Gmail and Google Docs and Youtube and Video and.or other things. I cannot imagine much job security nor high pay in learning something that tens of millions of people know. Given the choice between teaching a class 1. Word, Excel, Office or 2. What AirBNB is, what uBer is, how to buy and sell on eBay, what it means to find and add value, how to get visitors to your videos or page, how to find people to do most anything you n
  6. Oh, US "Democracy" is definitely a failure...meaning it is not a sustainable way or life that makes people happier and is focuses on the general welfare. Locking "them" up is just part and parcel of the violence we do to ourselves.
  7. $0.1129$0.112 When they say "Word Format" - that's a sign to run run run. I taught a lot of classes in video and graphics and computer use - and often had to tell the administrators what to do. They would have classes in Word, Excell, etc - being as I was probably in the top 1 or 2% of power users and had almost zero need for those programs it was hard to imagine these people (the admins and those who design the courses) were doing anything useful. Dollars to donuts if we followed 1,000 people who took those courses we'd find very few those success or jobs ended up having anythin
  8. Super Snark - stored indoors - this looks like the basic boat but the upgrade to the plastic covered hull. Nice that it still has the logos and plate on it. Still not gonna spend $400. $200.....I'd go for it just to have one and brag about it.
  9. I seem to notice a lot of Hobie trimarans for sale - so it makes perfect sense that it is a "sell after a few years" product. Hobie may be busy or sold out, but it is likely due to their entire boat range. I always wanted to like the Hobie Tris, but seeing them in person....heavy! Did I say heavy? Safe - but in terms of sailing probably the worst of all possible worlds. If a boat with features like this would sell - why did Windrider closer up shop? Why can I buy windrider 16's for $1500? It'd does get tempting - and, yes, I know they are dogs. With those machines I only have f
  10. Wildflower Snark - this one for sale on Craigslist - but since boats come and go here are some pics. No doubt that is a nice boat for a picnic out on the river. https://providence.craigslist.org/boa/d/woonsocket-snark-wildflower-sailboat/7311795788.html (I wouldn't pay that for it - but I understand the trailer has some value).
  11. I'm one of those high school dropouts - even tho I lived in a high end area and we had some of the best burb schools. If they would have noted "my way" I'd have flowered. As it was I heard "but he has such potential". The problem is, I am not interested in conceptual things. I flunked math because I figured stuff out in my head - teach insisted that was no good, I had to write down the way I got there. In the end it turned out that all of this was a tremendous advantage for me because I didn't get stuck in any hellhole or rat race or corporate ladder. I created a lot of stuff from s
  12. Navy is somewhat special in that way - they have public domain materials which are amazing - I learned a lot of my sheet metal stuff from their publications.
  13. I think the Rocket is either way - you can order through dealers (eastcoastsailing?) - or maybe one or two others - or direct from factory. That is a cool looking boat. I'm like that "sales guys" (sales people are easily sold) who might get sold on stuff I don't need. But it seems to me that having something like that Rocket and a 2nd boat (more inside bench seating, less wet) could cover a lot of bases for some fun loving sailors. I have always considered the idea of being able to row a big plus b/c rowing is (IMHO) one of the best core exercises. So the Rocket might be the o
  14. This is like showing a pile of cocaine to a tea drinker. 4K? I'll take it. Dang, their smiles are worth an extra 10K - so we are at 14K. Just about right!
  15. I'm always shopping for boats - I think budget is a main concern (for you) - plus, you didn't mention how you are going to store and launch, etc. RS and Topaz stuff looks great but there are so many options (boats). If you want 3 Adults you have to go to a certain size range - like the RA Quest. You will spend 12K by the time you are done. I just tried one out last week. It's always hard making the decision between that an 10% of the price for something old. As all sailors know, no boat does it all. Sometimes you may have to think of 2 boats - it could be cheaper and better to get a
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