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  1. The compression strut is a common thing even if not using a rotating mast, being more for support of the beam landing area and aft cabin access hatch than the beams themselves. The Farrier doc was referring to the aft beams themselves I believe.
  2. My understanding (and it's been a while on this...) from discussions with Ian (some of my own questions to him and other discussions on forums) a while ago is that the front beams on the 27 are very close to being the same as the 28 beams. There are differences at the beam end and the 27 beams are foam filled while the 28 beams weren't. I seem to recall Ian saying a 28 front beam could be modded for a 27, but don't recall any specifics and it might just been musing on his part. I got the impression that the 27 beams were foam filled to fill the space (not really structural), the 28 beams ha
  3. Look for a Hobie 21 Sport Cruiser (SC).
  4. Just found this, just hit the go fund. Keep up the fight!
  5. Cool! We are a bit behind around here it seems...
  6. Certainly one of the first in that new breed, if not the first. Around that time the Tornados were transitioning to the updated rig, The Hobie 21 SE and Hobie 18 SX were there. But those might be considered add-on updates versus a boat designed from scratch with a spin as part of the package. Not sure of the timing relative to the F-18 development and boats like the Hobie Tiger. Certainly one of the things that made the I-20 package more appealing to some was the end pole snuffer, which certainly simplified spin handling from the bag launch days but does add windage, with a mid-pole design
  7. "The Hobie 21 in it's two versions - the SE and SC. The SE is the one with the 10 foot beam (not counting the wings). You didn't use a tilt trailer - it had curved beams that telescoped down to a trailerable width. The trailers usually had sliding supports to help manage the process. The SCs (Sport Cruiser) went to a straight beam at a trailerable width (with the wings removed). The 21 SC was featured in a supporting role in the ProSail Formula 40 series (find those and watch if you haven't)." And of course, it's hard to keep SE and SC straight - it is the SE that had the role
  8. Great read! A few things, some of which fit with the Worrell and some not, and likely a few goofs... The Nacra 6.0 didn't come factory with a spin. Spins were definitely added for distance racing. There was the 6.0, the 6.0 Express (A Randy Smyth creation) and the NA. The NA for both the 5.8 and 6.0 brought the bow foil with a bigger jib. On the 6.0 the NA also got a taller rig with double diamond wires. The Express had a taller rig and perhaps a spin, but not sure if it was an official Nacra model. Most 6.0NAs have had spins added (they certainly did for the Worrell). I loved my 6
  9. Exact same underwater profile as m family's NorthStar 500...
  10. So, didn't the cabin sole change design about the same time as the floats? I thought the earlier boats had more of a sole and the later boats removed that with the water tank going in the port berth beside the dagger. The earlier boats I could see removing that, but not sure on the later ones, but could be wrong...
  11. Completely agree and from the standpoint of an F-27 as Wess said. Single hand it a bunch, race it, day sail it, etc. Great all around boat, would expect the 24s to be similar and a touch easier. Swear by the barbers, both for the jib and the screecher. Going off the wind with just the jib the barbers bring the shape to where it should be and open up the slot. My screecher is cut to fly from the cabin top track all the way back for being closer to the wind, but I can keep it there and use the barbers to adjust it easily for bearing off. When I use the screecher as a small chute (cruising,
  12. Well just in case he is interested in beach cats Galesville/West River MD is a good locale to be near to.
  13. As a kid one of the things that cemented my need to be a multihull sailor was a post-boat show ride on a Warrior 29 catamaran. Thanks Mr. Conser, well done, fair winds.
  14. Too many thoughts on the whole thing. But on the 33, I'm not big yet on the floats being longer than the main hull. Stretch that out a little and give tad more room inside. In looking at the full sterns on the floats I just keep hearing Ian's comments on motion in a quartering sea... It would be nice to see some real info on the respective web sites to go through what is being done. Including any kind of engineering support for the existing boats.
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