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  1. I read similar in this month’s Seahorse. A great shame and I hope the sailors currently training don’t dissipate to other classes.
  2. I would be very surprised if you can use a B&G plotter to update the Garmin displays. The Garmin network updater works well - but you can check the firmware version on the devices when they arrive so you will know whether you need to do anything or not.
  3. Yes. I have found that Garmin sometimes ships the GNX120s with outdated firmware which can make the N2K source selection a little buggy. This can be fixed with their network updater thing and an SD card.
  4. The GNX120 will put out whatever you want from the N2K bus. If you are feeding the H5000 directly with analogue xducer inputs it should only be putting out calibrated numbers on the N2K bus. If you have a "bitsa" system with other random xducers talking on the N2K bus you'll need to be more careful selecting the right sources per channel on the GNX120.
  5. If the sails aren't properly balanced you can make any boat develop weather helm, no matter what the rudder configuration is.
  6. Lots of vested interests in the IRC rule here with RORC / UNCL owning it! There is some typeforming towards an IRC keel which today is basically straight but with a weighted bulge at the bottom. 10-15 years ago T keels were all the range (think Corby / 40.7) but as boats have got wider I guess the form stability is enough to reduce the bulb size? Definitely gains downwind & in light airs without it. I can never remember which Solent SF3300s have water ballast, I think Gentoo doesn't but Fastrak does??
  7. Yeah, I heard the same from the European distributor. They think they can retrofit foils to it and it's going to be huge in the Swiss lake sailing scene.
  8. Looks like you are in the US so you may race under a different rule but do you happen to know if that sail would measure as a spinnaker under IRC (i.e. >75% SMG)? If it's just a big headsail I suspect the IRC impact is punitive.
  9. Yes, see your point, will pick this up when it is time to replace the main. Current one is very much in the former camp, i.e. flat at the top. Getting beyond my knowledge level but intuitively it seems if the top is flatter than the bottom / midsection that would preserve a constant AoA when you put twist in it.
  10. Looks like someone put the coachroof on backwards. Or just the smallest boat by LOA to come with a centre cockpit option.
  11. I opted not to replace the main until next season to manage costs a bit, so am using a 2016 Nordac sail made for the immediate previous owner. It has survived well despite being flogged a lot when flaking solo but is obviously more "draft aft" than it would have been new. That main is made with a short E and max roach so you can really twist it if you want. What did help was getting several versions of the full-length top batten (which supports the roach) made in different thicknesses. I use a lighter one for light wind days to avoid sailing around with the top inverted and to get the rig
  12. The chain plates were done by a previous owner (who himself was a naval architect) in about 2010. The boats were designed with inboard chainplates that tied into half bulkheads - all the boats (there are only 3 I think) had issues with the deck lifting. PO moved them to the gunwale and aft to 21 degree spreader sweep. By the looks of it he did a nice job, but I don't have copies of any Rm calcs if they were done at the time. I have owned the boat for four seasons now and have played around with different jib areas and mainsail shapes. Goal was always moving the centre of effort aft to
  13. "Now, it is a law in Lloyd's that the Jane repaired all out of the old until she is entirely new is still the Jane"
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