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  1. Also has been listed for charter forever. If your boat is coded anyway it makes sense to do this and defer VAT. https://lvyachting.com/yachts/sunrise-jpk-1180/
  2. Interesting stuff, cheers. Was digging out a photo of mine to compare and hadn't really clocked quite how different the chord is! I guess when you've got less area to play with you have to get creative.
  3. Showing my ignorance here but how does this work? Transverse through-bolts from hull stringers to that insert, then fin bolted onto it? Or is the fin welded to the top piece which then bolts to the hull conventionally?
  4. Do you exempt labour costs? I'm an idiot that shouldn't be trusted to work on boats so I hire professionals - does that come out of my maintenance allowance?
  5. Cora was very close and has the stock sprit + syms. Mustigo is a J/111 IIRC
  6. Yes, it turns out that using others' trade secrets without paying is a good business strategy, until you get found out of course...
  7. I would suggest plotting the TSS per the SIs rather than looking at Navionics...
  8. All these races have something in the SIs saying you can't protest off a YB track as it does not update frequently enough to say with any certainty whether a boat infringed. Particularly if it goes into power save mode.
  9. Which events? Around here STIX 32+ / RCD A is a ticket to almost anything.
  10. I'm sure you could do that with a F/SE 36 but I'm not sure why you would. A breathed-on SF3600 at 1.049 right at the front of IRC2 on the water seems a better proposition than this around the SF3300s with a bit of LWL upwind but otherwise slower and less fun (just so you can pretend you will cruise).
  11. Lots of people seem to be smarter than an IJ with the benefit of hindsight. This issue (specifically the failure to delete the penultimate mark in the alternative course) has been in the SIs for many editions of the race and no-one spotted it, so I do have sympathy for the RC. You're not paying to promote watches... Rolex is supporting your hobby to try and sell you watches. The CYCA's political machinations are neither here nor there.
  12. easy to forget how little freeboard a 105 has until you see shots like that ;-)
  13. I think this is WHITE GOLD, there is another thread about her. Looks decidedly funky and apparently has never raced in this config...
  14. I'm not saying that the RC's performance didn't fail to meet reasonable expectations for such a high profile race. My point is that as a Corinthian sailor it's about the challenge of the race, the social side and a bit of Med cruising there and back beyond just the results sheet. It is odd to me that a potential issue with the latter should invalidate the former to the extent you want to take your ball and go home. Even if you're the crew of Sunrise - you know what you achieved on the water & the RC's fuckup can't take that away. I haven't asked but I doubt any of them wish they'd sta
  15. Lots of people making comments like this - seems a little precious? Unless you are one of the small number of boats in contention for the overall (& apologies if you are), how does this fuckup change your desire to participate?
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