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  1. "Well-sorted" is worth a lot when buying 10+ year old boats. If you are a comparing a 105 that has recently been raced offshore with a 3200 that hasn't, you might easily identify another £10k of "stuff" that the 3200 needs to get it race ready.
  2. Professional seafarers and mariners get a quarantine exemption - just need to make sure your ISAF category matches what you tell the Border Force ;-)
  3. Whether dressage should be in the Olympics is another argument entirely ;-)
  4. If your boom strut allows it, cranking the mainsheet on tight to get the boom low in the cockpit and not rolling as much will also ease the process of getting the flakes in at the aft end.
  5. I know this is Groupe Beneteau's argument, but no-one actually believes this, do they? How do you build any kind of community or development programme around a sport if your national federation can only afford two boats? In the absence of marina facilities how many commercial docks can support racing yachts & the associated infrastructure of riggers, electricians, composites guys, sailmakers etc? It's all very well to say "it's OK, a local rich guy will want to take the opportunity to buy themselves into the competition", but that's not really what the Olympics is meant to be about.
  6. The reason the manual says that is that the warning lights on the engine panel (oil, temp, saildrive seal) don't operate if the key is turned off. The alternator load does not touch the wiring to the panel for obvious reasons, the idea that you bugger the alternator by switching the key off while the engine is running is a myth. If you don't believe me look at the wiring diagram:
  7. Either is a decent choice, for the same budget you probably get a good 105 or a 3200 that hasn't been raced / needs new sails etc. I can only think of 2 105s left racing in the Solent (Mostly Harmless, Juliette, others?) whereas there are a lot more 3200s and some (Cora) challenge for the chocolates under IRC. EU 105s are all wheel steered (except Voador IIRC), slight pain for 2H but people have made it work. Slightly more space in the pit for a full crew of 4-5 than a 3200 though.
  8. I assume the fact that the Olympic event for which this class was conceived has been delayed 4 years / permanently cancelled may have something to do with it.
  9. I may be mistaken but if you have a mark active doesn't that override the current TWA? if not... ignore my comment!
  10. Fun yes, affordable no! (in the UK at least) https://www.yachtingworld.com/extraordinary-boats/blt-quarter-ton-cup-winner-refit-125880 https://www.yachtingworld.com/extraordinary-boats/belinda-refurbished-1980s-quarter-tonner-124191
  11. Looks like you don't have an active waypoint loaded, so the H5000 doesn't know whether you are going upwind or downwind or reaching. I know that Expedition differentiates between "polar BSP", i.e. what is your polar speed at current TWA and TWS and "target BSP", i.e. what BSP should you be doing at your target TWA in this TWS. If no active waypoint, it doesn't know what your target TWA is so can't show a target BSP. Perhaps the H5000 is the same?
  12. Silver Shamrock finished 2H in 2017 https://www.rolexfastnetrace.com/results/2017/rfr-irc-four-b01.html
  13. I'm not sure I've understood how your "fixed point" would work but if you are happy that it can be dumped without gear or knots getting sucked into the mast halyard inlet then it sounds like a good idea.
  14. What happens if the sail drops in the water while the boat is moving / you broach? You would then have a halyard under tension that you wouldn't be able to release without cutting it. With these loose-luffed sails you really want the ability to unload any corner individually if things go wrong.
  15. I haven't seen that done; I suspect the issue is the overall length of the clutch including the bungee for the sleeve means you may struggle to fit it all in the space available. 2:1 tack line sounds better but check your other gear is properly specced to cope with the step-up in loads (i.e. sheave box properly riveted into the mast and so on).
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