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  1. Thanks for all the insight. I have a Ridig boxes much like the Milwaukee packout but much cheaper. I was also thinking of adding a cordless drill into the kit as well.
  2. Starting to build out my toolbox for when I travel to away regattas and for the start of the season. What would you guys include in a toolbox(s) for a boat like an Etchell or a similar boat where you are away from your home club for long stretches of time?
  3. what acid wash would you recommend?
  4. Hey guys, got a question for you, I just got a race boat that'll be dry sailed and raced. what's the best method and products you use to get the hull ready for the season?
  5. Little sidebar to this conversation, has anyone used the sail22 racegeek installation kit? I’m think of getting it for my Melges 24 but wanted to see what people thought of it first before purchasing the kit?
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