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  1. I was gifted a Simrad TP30 tiller pilot in great condition that came with a friends boat. He sold the boat and never used the tiller pilot but was told it worked. He gave me the unit and remote. I got the connector for power and powered it up and it indeed powers on and the motor seems to be ok. Any way to test this unit without fully installing? I’d have to cut holes and run wires only to find it isn’t fully functional. Here is the video of the basic motor test.
  2. Install went smooth once i modified the gooseneck so the mast wont swivel. So far I love it!!
  3. Cool. Thanks guys! I though the Raymarine looked similar. Good to know i can use one of those.
  4. Got gifted a Simrad TP30. Need to get the appropriate cable to power and connect it to NMEA 0183. I didn’t think it would be a difficult task but I can’t seem to find one anywhere. It’s a 6 pin connector that’s different than the TP22/32. Is there any other brand that uses the same connector?
  5. Looks like The TP32 can use SimNet as well as NMEA0183 and the TP30 is NMEA0183 only...cool by me, I dont have any Simrad equipment. I will be using it with My Raymarine Wireless instruments and an iPad based chartplotter. What I cant figure out is the TP32 says it needs Boat Speed to use the proper Nav modes and the TP30 doesn't mention this. Maybe the TP32 uses boat speed to make the waypoint navigation more accurate?
  6. I have been gifted a Simrad TP30 Tiller pilot. It looks brand new and I will test it out. Just curious does anyone know the specs of this unit vs the TP32? It looks like its identical.
  7. OK...so I took the Gooseneck boom attachment to a marine specialist machine shop and they put a pin in to prevent it from rotation. They thought that would be the strongest solution. Boomkicker is now installed! I also added a couple of nylon washers to the gooseneck to mast attachment. I still think I should drill out the mast mount to match the gooseneck size to make it even more solid.
  8. What I am going to try is to remove the cotter pin and have that shaft threaded then use a nut and washer to torque it down. Then I'll address the rest of the gooseneck and put some bushings in there to clean it up...then keep a close eye on it all.
  9. According to the Boomkicker website... It's helpful when adding any kind of boom support device, whether a mechanical vang or Boomkicker, to check the gooseneck to see if it allows the boom to roll about its' central axis. The back and forth rolling of the boom causes added stress to the boom fitting and fasteners of the boom support. We recommend that booms be fixed in the upright position. That type of gooseneck design was primarily used on older boats before the 1990s and the bigger the boat the bigger the stresses. Boats in the 20 foot range are often fine as is, but it depends on the
  10. Thanks guys! I have some ideas on how to move forward!
  11. I am installing a Boomkicker on my Santana 30. The boom is a rolling boom as in it rotates on its axis. Here are pics on the gooseneck. A few thoughts I have are taking it somewhere and having it welded so it's fixed. Maybe finding a fixed gooseneck that fits. JB Weld it? Whats the best and strongest way..I'd hate for a failure to happen down the road....
  12. Installing a boomkicker on the boat and my Santana 30. Any tips or tricks to the install? I have to figure out how to stop my boom from rotating, but other than that anything to watch out for?
  13. Thanks...what threw me off was the connection...I could probably cut that and use the raw wire plugged into the NMEA GPS input.
  14. Got it working...some bonehead (me) didn't connect the NMEA IN on the NMEA interface from the WiFi router. Once I did that...The SOG showed up...the COG showed up...The GPS coordinates showed up...I am using an iPhone app GPS2IP on one of my old iPhones. So it just stays in that app and is down below. Pretty slick. Now to get my transducer swapped and the boat speed will work along with all the other boat data. I may look into some kind of mast repeater for some of this data. Next step tying a tiller pilot into all this.
  15. Looking for the $20 GPS with NMEA output....links?
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