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  1. RexII


    Holy Shit that chick is a Train Wreck!
  2. Jesus! Can I book a dockside berth for Dominique Now? We are planning on bringing the J22, and using the First 35 as the "Condo". Do the Doyle's know about this? Might have to Charter Bumblebee to have a final Grudger against Rocking Chair! If I can get the boat i'm bringing Dave Parker for his final hoorah at YYC. I'd love to see Will and Dave exchange war stories after a billion cocktails. Either way someone on my crew is going to Win the party! I've been there on a J24, M24,J22 and now ??????? The Train Wreck crew WILL be in attendance! BTW we are looking for a 6
  3. Can someone call, do a drive by? perhaps paint a big Anarchy symbol on it? Something.
  4. ALL Hail The Rag!

  5. (404) He waited until after foreplay to tell me that he didn't have a condom and "we" would just have to settle for a bj tonight... hahahaha
  6. Looks like hot rod had plenty of success with his mono-hull, so why not a cat?
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