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  1. Yeah my job is boring as shit and involves no risk. Nailed it.
  2. Pardon me if I don’t take advice from someone with a half dozen failed careers.
  3. I thought insinuating pedophilia is about the only ban-able offense around here? let’s see if that pussy Ed follows his own rules.
  4. God damn there are a LOT of pussies around here these days. Money and age isolates one from the real world I guess. Hope the weather is nice up there in those ivory towers y'all shouting down from.
  5. You guys are very likely being trolled, and if thats the case whoever it is probably needs some mental health counseling at the minimum.
  6. How do you charge the batts offshore with an outboard in a well?
  7. Looks like most of the fuel/oil burned off so thats a plus?
  8. So you've done that childish act with others too? What a god damn pussy bitch you are.
  9. Once you clean the crap out, give it a good wash and buy yourself an el cheapo buffer from harbor freight. Compound the hull and then a compound/wax. You'll shine her right up and it'll feel like you've made real progress even though you have a long road ahead.
  10. This will be exciting to follow. Hope it turns into something special.
  11. It's called being a keyboard warrior. Some only have a sack when they have a screen in front of them.
  12. You are just a basement dwelling moron that offers absolutely zero positive effect on the world. I don't give a shit about you, we'd all be better off had you never existed.
  13. PA is a liberal circle jerk. They post more than they work, and the proof is in their rep. Somehow this place at least became a left wing hang out in what used to be a very conservative sport. Edit: basement dwelling d'ranger being the prime example of this.
  14. And you'd need 10x that for a new mast, rigging and sails.
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