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  1. The buyer can barge it back to the mainland..the price isnt to bad if it has a trailer..or a cradle would need to be made..
  2. Go to express27.org..you can list it for free.. you can sell it fairly fast as the fleet is very active on the sf bay..great boat.. i had one ..fast and fun What hull number is this boat? Do you have pictures that can be seen? Also do you have a list of inventory? Best of luck..
  3. Why cant i reply to this topic?

  4. Isn't that like buying a car with no wheels or tires, and think you could do the Indy 500? There are the stupid and then there is the unrealistic.
  5. To get involved in any civil war? Maybe the anointed one needs to learn the past history of the United States. Does VIETNAM ring any bodies bell ? But I guess that's what you get from a community organizer. Why is it that all generals are doves and not hawks? But not politicians?
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