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  1. I do not know what this has to do with the weather to which I was and still am referring to...
  2. Why? Because they “knew” right from the start they will have an excellent weather window all the way through the Indian Ocean and even more? Even with most powerful computers doing weather modeling there are no “reliable” forecasts for more than 10 days, so there is no way they knew this at the start. They try to set up for a low in the southern Atlantic and hope it will take them as far as possible. Can you tell if the low Gitana is chasing now will take them all the way to New Zealand? Would for sure be nice...
  3. Sure... just like saying they want to break JVT record without breaking any segment record. Theoretically it is possible, but very unlikely. And when planing, why not break the record of the segment, where weather forecast ist the best? I do think that the last run from IDEC was 90% luck and 10% experience/knowledge from previous weather data... They could have also done Sodebo if the weather hadn't pan out.
  4. Well, guys, IMOCAs should also be waaay faster now than they were last time around, but hence what... they will be nowhere near current record. They will probably not be even close to second or third best time. Probably all due to weather. Sodebo is also the latest generation of ultim and still, even without the damage they were bleeding miles massively in the Indian Ocean and probably wouldn’t be able to compensate later. But on the other hand it was similar with IDEC... they were actually behind the reference time and they smashed it later on. Gitana was looking for the new record t
  5. And they went hero to zero within couple of days... damn it is easy to be a couch sailor...
  6. Sad... Does anyone recall what was the highest advantage of Sodebo?
  7. They need to look out for some oncoming traffic...
  8. Wow. The situation is really agonizing. We have seen Sodebos’ advantage vaporize in Indian Ocean, so I think they might pull the plug within next couple of hours. For sure if they will be significantly behind by the time they get to Equator.
  9. Every hour, like one or two minutes before full hour.
  10. Any concerns about the high in the middle of south Atlantic?
  11. I know they were ahead of Idec, but not ahead of their or Sodebos position at last attempt...
  12. Does anyone have some data from previous attempt? Where were they last time compared to idec after 2-3 days? IIRC at the moment they are at least 100 nm behind... but they should have some nice weather coming.
  13. Are they breaking their attempt? Negative VMG?
  14. Nice... but that does not look to neither controlled nor exceptionally fast. They need to speed up if they want to be what, 9-12 hours in front of Joyon by equator. BTW, this was probably in TSS... going in wrong direction
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