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  1. For those of us that are SYC members, make sure that you read the Notice of Motion for the upcoming ordinary general meeting on 19th March.

    The proposal is to strip members of the right to stand for, or vote for, Flag Officer positions within the club. Flag Officers set the tone and direction of a club, and general committee is proposing that the power to appoint to these positions should rest with general committee only - members would not have an official voice.

    This is likely to be of interest to SYC members only - although I for one would be very interested in how members of other clubs view this development at SYC.

    Rather than clutter this thread, I have started topic specific thread - http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=144811.

    Would be really keen to hear what others have to say on this.


  2. It's a bit hard, for an interstate crew, to be excited over a regatta split over two weekends.


    Yep, that killed it for us (Syd boat). Had a good time last year - though Mel-Geelong moving crew and d gear logistics was painful. 3-4 days of racing down there over Aus day and the weekend would have worked well for the crew and the boat - like most of the Sydney IRC fleet en route from Hobart to Sydney. Getting the crew down twice in 10 days, shuffling the boat around and so on - too hard, too time consuming and too expensive. Positive feedback has been passed on. From a 'virgins' perspective, we had a good time last year, shame to miss out this year.

    They must be reading this thread regularly..................some more changes.



    Royal Geelong Yacht Club is pleased to announce that thanks to the sponsorship of Virgin Garden Organic Tea, the Melbourne racing of the Premier Racing Series will be now run as a stand alone 2-day Invitational Regatta*, with the winners of both Divisions A and B receiving a fantastic holiday prize to the Gold Coast.


    All entrants in the Festival of Sails Premier Racing Series are invited to compete in the stand alone 2-day racing program, being run out of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria.


    The prize for the winner of both divisions of the Premier Racing Invitational will be return flights* and accommodation for two people in a luxury Broadbeach Apartment for four nights.



    by Jav Greaves



    Second prize is eight nights?


    It hasn't taken very many years for this regatta to decline from being sponsored by a Rum company to being sponsored by a Tea company. What's next; no sailing on Sundays? :P



    So they are running a two day Invitational Regatta. So what - who are they planning on inviting? How many boats from the usual suspects who inhabit div 2 & div 3 & trailer sailers etc? Like this makes the slightest bit of difference to 99% of the average punters. Whoever advised them on this one should be sacked - its just more of the same marginalising of the rest of us - exactly the approach that landed them into this mess in the first place. They may be reading this thread, but they're not listening - they're reacting. Problem is they're jumping the wrong way. People are not entering by the hundreds, not because the event is not prestigious enough for them, but because they (we) feel excluded from this type of format. In fact we don't just feel excluded, we are explicity excluded - its invitation only for goodness sake!!. And besides, as if there is a shortage of high profile invitation only events around the place.

  3. Fuck me - when Skandia & Audi sponsored the regatta (& by extension subsidised race entry fees) every idiot on this forum bleated "Too corporate" - now there's no principal sponsor & as a consequence a need for cost recovery & every second person is still bleating "too corporate" WTF !



    “Doh !” – Sponsorship dollars from Skandia & Audi, however welcome, does not by extension equate to subsidised race entry fees. What it can do, and has been noted by several others on this forum already, is lead to a bloating of costs on the edges of the event and behind the scenes. There is no way that the current entry fee’s represent cost recovery of running the actual races. With the absence of a major sponsor those costs that are peripheral to the racing – entertainment, commercial catering, corporate event management etc etc - still need to be met, and as a consequence to avoid being left with the bill RGYC are trying to get the dollars from the competitors. The problem is that much of these activities do not add value to the event for a lot of the sailors.


    Combined with the inflated accommodation costs for this period, as a boat owner I would be looking at over $2000 for the event - that’s just for myself, not including the crew paying for their own accommodation. Pretty heavy for a boat race on the other side of the bay don’t you think? I simply cannot justify that sort of outlay (I’m not in the corporate league!).


    Being too poor to do the regatta does not overly worry me. I’ve done it many times in the past and had a great time. Even got sponsored by Skandia one year. I believe (hope) that the event will eventually return to a club format, rather than a major events format. I suspect that RGYC are still going to be left out of pocket anyway, and will need to revisit their business model for this event in the future.



  4. Don, just move to Qld , all races are downhill there


    Better still, I will swap my alledged IRC bandit for your IRC dog


    I will still do ok.


    I may have to move to QLD.

    Are there crew up there?

    First race of the season and NO CREW available, and by NO CREW I mean None, Zero, Nada, Zip, not one.

    So I may have to race a Reichel Pugh 36 carbon fibre sportyacht weighing a grand total of 2,477kgs with more working sail area than a S38 and large asy kites off a 2 meter sprit, single handed.

    Oh Joy, Oh glee.




    Well done Don; great result under the above circumstances. Just as well you got to race in Saturdays light stuff and not what was out there on Sunday :lol:


    Smooth Criminal - 1st AMS Div 1 (Don is a legend)

    Wicked - 2nd - AMS Div 1

    Dark Energy - 1st AMS Div 2

    Alchemist - 2nd AMS Div 2


    First hit out of AMS2 - whats the on water assessment?

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