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  1. Problem is that there are two "active" mobile numbers using the same number existing at the same time which is supposed to be impossible!
  2. Not a scam as such - I have had my mobile number for about 15 years now, but somehow it has also been issued to another person who lives somewhere in the Northern Territory. I usually get calls on my phone from people wanting to speak to this other person at least three times a week. These calls are genuine calls and not scam calls. Telstra says it's impossible and can't happen. When I try to talk to them about the problem, they say they can't divulge any information about another person. My number was originally a business number, but I transferred it into my name about three years
  3. https://asylumsfx.com/work/war-of-the-worlds-quadruped-alien-robots
  4. Good thing you don't rely on gambling for an income!
  5. Before rushing off to do all of these things, have you checked that there are no blockages in the system? The raw water pump should normally have enough suction to quickly suck the water up but if you have any blockages along the way the efficiency is reduced. Check the impellers in the pump and the surfaces they mate to as well. Just serviced our engine and did the heat exchanger on a Volvo D1-30. The internal part of the heat exchanger and the exiting elbow into the exhaust were partly blocked after 400hours from the last full dismantle.
  6. That number of beds won't last long - two months ago they issued a tender to upgrade the ICU which means reduced capacity because of construction staging.....
  7. 13,452lbs (6102kg) and IRC 1.029 SPA 108m2. We regularly spar with a J112E and have done pretty well - have options of both sym and asym kites, but it runs really deep with the sym kites. The J is pretty much a copy except for the narrower stern:-
  8. I agree - our 2014 Dufour 36P
  9. They need to find Riccardo's mojo......
  10. 42 South

    Oz Music

    Brilliant! And then there is, which I was at (at least the gate entrance ticket stub says so!), leading to my eventual downfall and where I am today. About this time, a friend and myself were into light shows, like Ellis D Fogg if you can remember them. Much smaller gigs but gee, what a time it was!
  11. I tried one of the archives listed above but was told they had no record of my father's service. Ancestry however did come up with some records which were muster lists which enabled you to see when he first enlisted and then discharged, plus a mention of a six week stint in hospital:- 1942-12-31 Muster Roll Of The Crew, USS Saratoga.pdf
  12. I wonder what the topic of conversation was ......
  13. The Man on Fire is one of the best epsiodes - how he survived that I don't know.
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