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  1. A ridiculous notion on every level....
  2. LOL.....the big polluters are not going to change there way....China,India and many many of smaller shithole countries
  3. She is not stupid...she does not express herself very well due to her naivete and ignorance....they'll bring her ignorance up to speed. The DNC is Allowing her and the 2 others to run their mouths and do the dirty heavy lifting setting the bar for the future...creating the new normal narrative...kind of like a "rabbit" in a distance race....she has clearly stated her vision for the future
  4. I watched virtually all of the hearing live....is was beyond shameful
  5. You realize the SCJ's work in a very quiet,controlled non confrontational setting ....right ?
  6. LOL...virtually EVERY economic indicator is up and on the path to a traditional booming American economy....vs...Subversive Obama's flat line ,throw obstacles grow the malaise economy to the point the citizens come hat in hand to big government
  7. LOL...the fact that he pushed back after days of having his life and career savaged by lies...yeah..poor temperament
  8. Cry like a 5 year old when you don't get your way....
  9. If the rule as the Constitution is written there should be no problem....
  10. US weekly jobless claims drop to the lowest level since 1969 PUBLISHED THU, APR 11 2019 • 8:32 AM EDT UPDATED THU, APR 11 2019 • 12:23 PM EDT
  11. Let's face there will always be a whole bunch of people that can't/won't make it in ANY economic/socialist/communist system.....fact Jack ! They don't care...I don't care
  12. https://www.awesomemitten.com/how-the-great-lakes-were-formed/
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