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  1. I was tempted to name #1 son Orion...but didn't want to saddle him with such an unusual name....same with Esmeralda for a girl...Oh well..thanks for posting the image...I used to know every one of those constellations and stars..
  2. It is a leftover practice from scalpel and early cataract surgery days...in case there was some issue at least one eye was still safe...in most cases with normal healthy eyes both are done in the same visit..healing is fast as the incision is very small and the old lens is sucked out,I think, and the new slipped in...rest and home no lifting or bending over and drops a few times a day..quick recovery https://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/faq-cataract-surgery-both-eyes.htm you can also have two different lens,one for distance the other for reading and not need glass
  3. LOL...he was the one saying "we can make it ! "...actually by the wake you can see "red" was bearing away hard trying to duck
  4. I am trying to remember, as that used to be the case in the old days or if you were a high risk. I only remember one trip ,15 years ago @ age 55. It was a remarkable difference as the degradation is so slow you don't notice it happening...it was a very very dramatic difference and I had only noticed issues at night
  5. All his drama aside...I really hope it is nothing more than a simple cataract surgery ...in that case he'll be amazed and maybe actually scared when he can see the sea....then all he needs is $500 and a RT bus ticket to Tijuana and he'll have a new set of chompers
  6. LOL...guarantee the party rulers will still fly....330,000,000 will wait for rationed tickets to ride the trains...
  7. you mean communism and the softer sell socialism....good analogy ..old dead bait
  8. Mao..Ho..Castro...Stalin...all would be proud
  9. I am serious....I don't know for certain but if the TCH in the bud is crazy high, I'd think the leaf THC content must be higher too...
  10. As I've been saying all those pot growers ...there might be a market for the leaf you discard...
  11. That post needs work... hurry before the Edit clock runs down
  12. When he gets his Mexican dentures he'll be eating everything his fans buy him... https://www.goodsamdental.org/dentures/
  13. did the pin thing with a gummy opium ball once...I'd like to do that one more time before I die
  14. LOL...I was imagining matching up SA personalities with each other...or mismatching LOL
  15. If you do ..do something active outside rather than on a couch...all of the natural hallucinogens were used in ceremony and a guided experience ...not willy nilly take this dude and see what happens....not seeing your bag and the size or condition of the "babies"...I can't offer any advice
  16. Got a hankering lately ....been close to 40 years but they grow in many Florida pastures and the dosage is very easy to control...one or two and it is still reality with cool visual ,mental, physical and audio sensations...I never wanted to truly hallucinate...never did acid for that reason and I don't like ingesting stuff I have no idea WTF it is...I drive by pastures with cows grazing surrounded by large commercial and residential properties these days ...It would be very easy to park and hop a fence 15 minutes from my house ....back in the day it was wonderful walking and hunting mushroo
  17. From his FB page just now Rimas Meleshyus 1 hr ยท Next week I start surgery on my eyes. After eyes fixed I continue great voyage around the world. I look forward to many more years adventure on the sea.
  18. So are you saying buds for the young and leaf for the elderly ?...there actually may be a market for weaker pot...
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