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  1. https://writingexplained.org/idiom-dictionary/blind-luck
  2. construction comparison ?....how do the quality of build compare between the two ?
  3. Communicate further at your own peril...I sense a vulnerable attraction to his Siren's Song....
  4. Because the winds at the time,according to ,https://www.ventusky.com/?p=23.10;-87.66;7&l=wind-10m, showed he had just experienced a multi day 20-30 knot blow that brought him to his last ping on a beam reach. This last ping contained the cryptic broken tiller reference and from the last ping with the winds at the time he would have had to work hard close hauled to get over the northern tip of Fiji. I was using a global wind site other than "Ventusky" at the time but lost most of my bookmarks, if anyone has similar ,www, post a link TIA
  5. Kiwi One Ton Ron Holland...Jim Catlin and his brother owned...just wondered whatever happened to it after the 76 SORC
  6. How about Blind Melon a One Ton Chicago 70’s
  7. Pretty sure the Lat/Long of the pin is from the photo's he took of his GPS screen ,I wrote them down and entered in Google Earth..he would have reached to that spot with the winds at the time ,but would have had to hardened up to clear the northern most island
  8. Bwahahaha...that fact that he did not die in any of his previous ventures is all the qualification he needs to set off again~~~
  9. I follow him on FB , although I cannot post. He just posted a new batch of photos. He seems to in full on search mode for his next boat and has a good support group housing , feeding and clothing him. I really hope he gets his cataracts taken care of simply for quality of life
  10. I arrived late to this thread skipping over it for years, I showed up around America Somoa and was hooked on DR ing forecasts. I took a lot of Google Earth screenshots from his positions , it got very interesting as there was a contest for when and where of his landfall
  11. The Texas reef chapter...actually approaching Mimsy was in a multi day blow, he called it a bad gale, however it was 20-30 on the starboard beam...he was lucky to have been able to tighten up and get over the top of the islands...his position reporting stopped just as he approached and I don't think we heard from him until Saipan his last Lat /Long before he went silent
  12. Excellent report...thanks...Happy he is going to get cataract surgery ,hopefully there will be no complications having waited so long. If there are no complications his world will dramatically change. I had the procedure at age 55 as a result of living in subtropical latitudes all my life and being on the water so much. The degradation in vision is so slow one really does not notice as it happens, but the results postoperative are spectacular ! Glad he is open to learning ....getting dentures would greatly improve the quality of life and his health as he'll be more likely and able to eat nu
  13. Maybe build something you can both sail in...check out this guy...sweet sailing kit boat https://www.bedardyachtdesign.com/
  14. Livecam 1/9/2019 Surfline 5 mins · Solid swell building into SoCal this morning with light offshores. Check the cams and detailed analysis for more: surfl.in/2QxKf1G
  15. Yout sailing has it's issues too...not the same but all sort of jerk behaviors and peer pressures...that said ease her into sailing and let her decide how she wants to pursue the sport...no sooner do they get good at prams it is time to move on....the older kids move on and mock them....too bad OD is not as big as Opti's so see can crew as well...which is a good way to learn and observe
  16. Oh...the irony when adults get involved...what started out as a cheap simple affordable home built..... "The Optimist was designed in 1947 by American Clark Mills at the request of the Clearwater Florida Optimist service club following a proposal by Major Clifford McKay to offer low-cost sailing for young people.[1] The Optimist Club ran a soap box derby, but wanted more than a single-day event. Thus they were looking for a low-cost equivalent for sailing.[2] He designed a simple pram that could be built from two 4' x 8' sheets of plywood,[3] and donated the plan to the Optimists. The des
  17. Buy a good used boat....cart before the horse....keep it practical ...buy a new sail and good gear ....and encourage her or enable her to sail on her own as much as possible outside of the organized time
  18. Sneak peek at Trump's final fitting before his State of the Union Address
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