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  1. Sneak peek at Trump's final fitting before his State of the Union Address
  2. The Emperor's New Clothes: Summary & Moral - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com
  3. I finally got rid of my old 1970 set up I ordered through PACEX in VN....Sony reel to reel....Pioneer turntable and receiver, Sansui speakers ....we had a garage sale and it was the first stuff to get scarfed up (except for the speakers they went to the curb)...the guy was really happy I still had the manuals...I had upgraded several times over the years and was just hanging on for sentimental memories....I was so happy and proud of that rig back in the day
  4. Rimas is going to Seattle to work a season on the Time Bandit while getting accustomed to northern climes and finance his next venture with his crew share
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