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  1. That too is debatable...please note the Libgressive tactic of seizing the high ground in any conversation resulting in many suckers replying as if that perch is someone granted as correct and that all replies are confronting established truth.......hence my presence here in PA
  2. OH...I'd love a public Q&A between AOC and Trump on basic American history and working economics , not the fluff headed economics AJ the professor oozes, on national TV....
  3. LOL...the naive AOC....the establishment DNC will take her out at the knees...
  4. It saddens me to know this is how you feel about the USA
  5. Hippos are bad ass...I think the kill more people than lions
  6. Curious...do you use Apple products ?...because that is a good example of the reach you are trying to make
  7. Don't use big words like colonialism and imperialism out of context ....now please explain Teddy Roosevelt and the US as imperialists/ LOL....you are weak
  8. You are hopelessly lost...lost to communist brainwashing
  9. LOL...the colonial system was a one way valve all $$$$$$ flowing toward the ruling country....quite the opposite is true your lame comparison, when in fact in the cases you use as American colonialism ...the money flowed from the USA to the "colony"....weak..weak..weak
  10. Spend a month in any state prison , I'll give your soft azz 5 months less than fakenoise....and then tell me how many don't belong locked up....there are bad bad people...
  11. That's is what it took...and Philippines has never been US soil....sick mofo !
  12. He has 4700 + friends on FB....do the math and the type of boat he could buy with $1 per friend donation ...then if "friends" gave $2..and on LOL...less than an hour ago he accepted my FB friend request and he has deep searched my photos with many many "likes"and comments ...I think the hu$$le has begun...
  13. dumbphuck....the US has never been a colonial power
  14. I suggest you spend 6 months in any prison and come back and tell us how many shouldn't be there....
  15. that skating rink of a foredeck on the C-26 will be the end of his postings
  16. Doesn’t appeal to me at all... I don’t get it. It is highly regulated for those that do and follow all the rules, so I don’t begrudge those that participate.
  17. There should be a law against poaching
  18. I actually posted a link to a Tijuana denture clinic on his FB page and it was not taken down...
  19. Which is what Europe has turned into....it would crumble without tourism...I don't even care to visit anymore....overpriced crowded with substandard everything and passed off as quaint....unless of course you are part of the global unseen class
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