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  1. Can you every express yourself ?
  2. They scam the system even with EBT cards...the freeloaders sell the EBT at a discount to face value in exchange for cash and buy drugs or booze
  3. Pretty much every blue collar worker is in high demand as under the growing economy...millennial Dem voters with college degrees in Social Studies working at Starbucks not so much
  4. It seems the PA Libgressives never make a case of their own other than name calling or deflection from whatever is painting them in a corner
  5. Problem with that is they have a history of making bad choices....witness their lot in life....giving them cash instead of stamps is like giving a small child a loaded gun....
  6. problem is a multi generational/culture that is OK with living on and not working merely collecting the many governemnt handouts and programs...of course they have small scale cash businesses...as do the hip little shops/restaurants millennials run and frequent ...that hide taxable income then vote for more big government programs
  7. They want the US to bow to Globalism One World Government...witness EU...and behind the scenes it is a combo of Russia and China pulling the strings...sad so many "educated" westerners are falling for the trap..take a trip to Paris and see what a 3rd world shit hole it has turned into since the massive ME -African continent migration 3-4 years ago....unrecognizable with ghetto's just beyond the tourist centers and even those are filled with street vendors of the recent migration
  8. Despite what Obama tried to do to the American economy it is not broken....
  9. Bwhahaahaa...pussboy responded to www speling smack...Win HUGE !
  10. FDR died in Office in 1945, but according to Left-Wing genius, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex Congress stepped in and changed the constitution to prevent him from being reelected to a fourth term. While plenty of Dead Democrats have voted, and there may even be dead Democrats who have been elected or re-elected to an office (by dead Democrats?), the 22nd amendment wasn’t passed until 1947, two years after FDR shuffled off his mortal coil. That’s no reason to reject this gift that keeps on giving. Alexandria Ocasi-Cortez is the socialist Cliff Clavin. A high-profile political oversharer
  11. Two entirely different wall concepts and purposes.... it is not the gun it is not the plastic bag it is not the plastic straw it is not the wall we would not need a wall if our borders were respected our borders are being overrun with mass migration
  12. I don't think you have ever lived a real life....you and you Libgressives live in some pie in the sky ,pancake tree fantasy world
  13. Bawawwa...ecological collateral damage,,,,take your Greenweenie parade to China,India and the shithole economies where raw air and water pollution is massive....say...where was Libgressive Sea Keepers,Greenpeace,et al...when China was dredging and filling pristine tropical atolls in the South China Sea ?
  14. Actually capitalism is working GREAT...for everyone working !....other than a bunch of butt hurt social warriors that got their collective azz'z kicked in the last election. The economy for tradesmen, factory workers,truck drivers....only 2 years into MAGA and a traditional booming American economy is just getting started...
  15. You rarely ever make a statement furthering whatever the thread may be discussing....I'd really like to know what you think...I could guess but it would be much more satisfying to know where you stand...
  16. Marx....LOL....please explain why it continues to self correct and evolve in the US...
  17. But ... under the capitalist model there are many poor mans sons and daughters that have become extremely successful, many many examples in our lifetimes.... not so much in Scandinavia or other socialist countries
  18. I am not concerned with how much money anyone else has... we all find our level in life
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