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  1. Marx....LOL....please explain why it continues to self correct and evolve in the US...
  2. But ... under the capitalist model there are many poor mans sons and daughters that have become extremely successful, many many examples in our lifetimes.... not so much in Scandinavia or other socialist countries
  3. I am not concerned with how much money anyone else has... we all find our level in life
  4. Balderdash... the Republicans didn’t give the elites 1.5 anything.. please explain that one !!!
  5. Participating in the conversation is above your stature it seems..always popping off rather than speaking for yourself
  6. I gather you are not American...if so may I ask of which country so are so proud ?
  7. no...of course not....problem is supporting deadbeats and liberal politicians that preying on the less fortunate in exchange for their votes...the triple diagonal planking of the DNC
  8. hard work by itself is nothing other than hard work...one needs goals for hard work the blossom
  9. fair and equitable ... opportunity....that is all...and it works very well and even better without do gooders trying to fix it from the outside...like glib community organizers
  10. LOL...Fake conclusion...Libgressive's got all puffy about the literal definition and implementation of "socialism " in Scandinavian countries and elsewhere...I just let them have their fun...makes them feel smart in some small ways and pacifies them after their typing rants
  11. Go ahead and speak for yourself without mischaracterizing me ......
  12. this asylum clause is being grossly abused....and international law says they must ask for asylum in the first country they enter, I may be wrong on that for all the gleeful ankle biters
  13. They are all criminals by breaking our laws being in this country illegally...it's is not a matter of percentages of newcomer illegals...it greatly shifts the standard of living lower for the legal Americans living at the lower economic levels ...do I really need to explain this to you...and why we are on explain...why don't you explain why you are OK with ILLEGALs living in this country...sorry I don't share your distorted sense of sympathy
  14. Capitalism when not monkeyed around with by social justice warriors is self correcting...which is the beauty of the system...the bigger and broader the base of a capitalistic economy...notice I left out society and community...the safer it becomes
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/cow-toilets-in-netherlands-aim-to-cut-e-moo-ssions/ar-BBVqSMl
  16. Fucking up the Obama subversive Hope and Change
  17. Some times one must painfully scrub the wound in order for it to heal properly
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