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  1. Just make stuff up and all the other shit you post...
  2. Big wave coming~~~~ https://www.apnews.com/597b194af93c473aa4f041a4462788d8
  3. Gawd is she beautiful....I just hope she has a young stud or two on the side taking care of all her needs and desires
  4. You are a nut !...and you profess to be a professor ?....your poor students...
  5. LOL...at least squeeze in a comment, no make that an example, on voter suppression...you put the shrill in Libgressive...yawn...
  6. Just a shrill Libgressive cry...say it loud and often enough and dumbfuck lowinfo mofo's take it and run with it as if it is actually true....Voting is a right ...not a guarantee...get yo azz to the pollfolks
  7. BS....mail in ballot...Polls are open long hours and for many days....if you can't get your ass to the polls to vote under those conditions....too bad ...you missed the train...that is not voter suppression
  8. What a bunch of BS....this example is not voter suppression... '"Also in 2012, Gov. Scott oversaw the implementation of a law that cut the state’s early voting period from 14 days to 8 days and eliminated voting on the last Sunday before Election Day. Early voting, particularly Sunday voting," is you can't get your ass to the poll to vote that is not voter suppression....merely an article low low info mofo's that only read "voter suppression "
  9. So judges now seal cases for Innocent people?
  10. Please provide the examples so they can be discussed......2nd time asking
  11. I still think the best rig for Rimas's next boat is a free standing mast with a feathering 4' x 8' sheet of 3/4" marine plywood....hell he could sell sponsorship advertisement space on it, or better yet cover in in solar panels to power his social media and GPS
  12. https://www.heritage.org/election-integrity/commentary/new-report-exposes-thousands-illegal-votes-2016-election not to worry 1,000 will be caught in 2020......hell the last Florida Governor recount was full of fraud and voter law breaking by the nutjob running Palm Beach elections
  13. The real voter suppression.....
  14. geeshhhhh...what F'n voter suppression ? example please
  15. Naw...the chumps chanting resist,Russian collusion,blah,blah blah are.... they are greasing the treads
  16. Voter suppression ?...you mean like the Libgressives and the Mueller investigation....trying to overturn a presidential election ?...Voter suppression on a grand scale
  17. Of course I am he is making America great again...after 50+ years DNC failures better known as The Great Society ....which sounded good but meant nothing kinda like Hope and Change...both created huge governmental jobs, tax troughs to pay for them, and a perpetual voting base for for their jobs...jobs that never really remedied what the set out to fix....after all if the fixed a problem their jobs would no longer be needed
  18. Stay tuned....illegal voting will be exposed and prosecuted in 2020....certainly you are in favor of that
  19. If I had reason to...of course...why not call out illegal voting
  20. many of them are corrupt too..which is part of the problem....say..does an amoral person feel an insult ?
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