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  1. Well when the response rambles ever further from the question...yes the interviewer should pull on the choker collar
  2. How much weight are you hoping to be able to take out ?
  3. Anyone buying into the Bernie/AOC/Libgressive bait is being duped...
  4. Rimas Meleshyus 2 mins · Thanks to the doctors for a very good job. Looking forward to left eye surgery on February 27!
  5. https://www.mediaite.com/politics/heres-the-full-1985-interview-where-bernie-sanders-praised-castro-slammed-reagan-and-more/
  6. What does snopes have to say about Russian Collusion ?....and all the other ludicrous baseless speculations
  7. You put more time into than me...me win...love it when the Libgressives have bust out snopes
  8. I've a sister and brother in law in C'ville both UVA grads and have lived there since early 70's, he just retired from his law practice in town. They live in Earlysville ,I sent my sis your info as I think her husband Larry would be interested in checking out your work and studio. Beautiful knives !
  9. Really cool website and products !....other than a bunch of proud Virginians ....nowhere does the www say where you are ...and is it open to the public ? Found it with a little digging...
  10. Rimas posted a few minutes ago that he is in Washington state and will have his surgery on the 20 th ...and is anxious to return to sailing
  11. I don’t recall posting in PA when Obama was president
  12. You and your shameful lot are those counting on "hope"....regardless of party....one does not make serious charges against the POTUS...with the facts [/b] first[/b]...or anyone for that matter...disgraceful and shameful tactic by the libgressives...
  13. You mean like 2 years of fake Russian collusion ?
  14. Flashing the Victory sign ? or free governemnt green cheese
  15. I went to Rimas's FB page to see if there were any updates . Didn't have any specific dates ,but did find this tribute to everyone's hero. Funny it reminds me of a forever memory post procedure. I think it was the following day I went for a post op check up and on the way home stopped at Home Depot and walked in through the garden center....the colors were brilliant , felt like I was tripping on something when in fact it was clear vision again and dilated pupils ....
  16. nice to see https://www.photoboatgallery.net/p584827595
  17. and that attitude translates to all scales of financial success ...other than politicians exhibit A...the Clinton's wealth
  18. 5 years in the orange groves of Plant City I don't recall one serious injury, lots on minor cuts and abrasions typical of manual labor, town was 5-6 miles . When we first moved to the property the owner who had dug a large hole behind the building with the idea of making it a pond but changed his mind, he told us we could toss all our trash in the hole, plywood, glass cut offs etc. I went back an visited the property and owner for the first time a year ago after leaving it in 1979. I had often wondered about that pit and went for a look, the area was heavy overgrown ground cover but I did pull
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