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  1. nice one!... I used to hold that record on Mollymawk....until Phaedo beat it
  2. a foiling 60 is v different from a non foiling class 40 and they are running in different races (transatlantic v round the world) with different prevailing conditions. i sail an Open50 and our loads are bigger than a Class40 but nowhere near that of a IMOCA 60... that 20ft jump is massive step up in every direction
  3. there is not only cost of the foil, but also there is a control system to be installed (and maintained)
  4. it is the ultimate Seacart 30 .... inc full B&G 5000 and autopilot, all set up for shorthanded sailing not that i'm un-biased as the current owner/seller :-) Quote Edit Options
  5. it is the ultimate Seacart 30 .... not that i'm biased as the current owner/seller :-)
  6. due to a late change in my sailing plans... Buzz my Seacart 30 (probably the best of the best) will coming on the market very soon. Can fit into a shipping container, a definite RAK winner in right hands
  7. I use a Jotron MOB set up which combines the pole, light, lifebelt, life sling and drogue (self inflates) ; a second horseshoe with drogue and light and heaving / throwing line all need to be close at hand - usually the pushpit/aft guard rails.
  8. another trck in a high windage cat is use reverse and manouvre backwards - gives better steerage reaction at slow speed (all this high speed stuff in close proximity invariably leads to crashes and tears) you need to spend time to learn how to tide and wind walk the boat - practicing in a large open space your slow manouvering and see what way the boat blows off, and when not, how to use wind and or tide to glide sideways really it is about understanding that you need water flow over the rudders and daggerboards for them to 'grip' IMHO a twin engined cat be best be manouvered on the en
  9. when speaking with your sail maker explain what you want to use the sail for ; we have Doyle headsails and Ullman main and spent many hours discussing material, how we sail and the excepted abuse that we would hand out. IMHO it is this discussion that makes you want to work with that sailmaker, if they just tell you 'use X' - walk away. My 'brains trust/skunk room boys' part of the Buzz team means we have v high level discussions with the sailmakers, looking at 3D shape etc etc - all gets very OCD, but IMHO is well worth the time. Ullman and Doyles gave 2-3 material options and we wen
  10. Correct - ally track with a good (ideally ball race eg harken) car system: bond and bolt (ie tap thread into mast for the bolts and use a glue such as Plexus. we have a 'conventional' luff tube and use Luff shuttle cars on the Seacrat 30 tri - no need for a track :-) https://www.contendersailcloth.com/product/luffshuttle/
  11. i personally tend to 'night owl' but worked v hard to 'convert' and did "not bad" in solo/shorthanded races ;-) so it's not impossible; i did spend a lot of time learning self hypnosis and other relaxation techniques to and learning when i was good at decision making etc
  12. try spectra knotless netting it is far nicer, less stretch and stronger. For fitting I use the boat and ratchet straps to apply the tension using a sail batten or similar as the stretcher
  13. i met and was involved him at a loose level with him when he was working with Ellen (mark turner and she are friends) back in early 2000's and it was a comment by Claudio at the time.
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