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  1. The GR is not your 'normal' yaris, but a purpose built rally evolution special... possibly not available in USA? https://www.toyota.co.uk/world-of-toyota/toyota-gazoo-racing/gr-yaris/?ds_rl=1259448&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3bihpdvC9AIVVe7tCh3DCACJEAAYASAAEgLHd_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  2. ahhh.. that will be a NO, I'm not a big fan of pork...(no offence PeppaPug :-)) but the garage houses a GR Yaris, Lotus Exige GT3 and a TVR Sagaris ps my Seacart 30 "Buzz" is up for sale so I'm offering a fast option to others :-)
  3. PeppaPig ... I'm 63 and still not 'grown up' :-).... i just like going fast
  4. 10,000's of short handed & solo on offshore multihulls and mono inc TJV 50ft multi winner, Ber- Plym world record , RB&I 2 handed winner ; so yes I've lots of seriously fast and big rig/power experience. Yes it a whole different world, IMHO is is 90% mindset rather than physical.
  5. IMHO sailing anything solo is about simplicity and protection of the sailor. Complex is likely to fail when you least want it to... Sailor protection is about keeping the mind and body in good shape to be able to cope with the unexpected. i'm 63 currently (27 in my mind) and sail a turbo'd Open 50, crewed, 2H and solo. The only concession is pre race (inc crewed) is a powered winch handle (E-Wincher) to get the BIG mother of a mainsail up 24m of mast.. After that is about using the autopilot, chart plotter, AIS, weather routing etc to the max so problems are seen before they arrive. m
  6. i actually prefer a running tide (we berth on the Hamble river) as the tide flow means i can "tide walk" the boat sideways
  7. i park the Open 50 solo - always use a mid line as it holds the boat central and parallel to dock/pontoon. It is first to make up and last line to release and is easy to make as a slip top release from helm
  8. neatest setup i've seen... some locals IMOCA60 :-) the wrap around the mast just cleans up that whole 'messy' area
  9. 4th reef is classed as an alt to a trisail for ORC regs.. IMOCAs etc all have a 4th reef. On the Open 50 we have one.. its blowing 50+ when it is meant to come into use, and in reality by then its storm jib or ORC staysail and no main
  10. some thoughts on race start ; we (Pegasus of Northumberland -Open50) and a number of other owners requested a change in start time for Class Z as we felt to start at the back. in big winds, having to race through 400 smaller/slower craft would lead to an accident(s). It was obviously a last minute decision as Tim T doing the briefing only found out part way through!! a question : why it is thought OK to start big boats at the back (other then looking nice for the photographers) of a large fleet?? the course; we believe we made a number of good tactical calls (going south of t
  11. yep - quite a number of YB trackers failed, According to YB tracker we were still at sea with 170miles to go whilst simultaneously partying in the crews tent :-)
  12. I'm pretty certain us lot of "old duffers" on Pegasus were first boat home with owners and an amateur crew sailing & who also do all the majority of the boat work.
  13. watch out for us on Pegasus (open50 )raising awareness of Parkinson's disease
  14. we are being told (latest missive from RORC) that we can land... BUT UK will make us quarantine on arrival back to UK :-( seriously disappointed that we will miss experiencing the amazing French sailing hospitality BUT being an optimist, we have 2 weeks for UK Govt to change their mind at the last minute... not that they have any history of that :-)
  15. she was berthed just across from us at HYS on the Hamble for a could of weeks .... looked SOLID!
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