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  1. Sounds just like the last Pittwater 2 Paradise when you put it like that
  2. Great video and well done to the Patriot team!
  3. We and most of the club boats we race switch out to delivery sails as far as I know. Our main is an old pin top Dacron criuser sail that effectively has the first reef already in it by being a few feet short on the Luff and foot. Means we do not need to worry about runners all delivery. Nor reefing unless it gets very sporty. We will also usually truck in the old A3 for any kite work and our oldest Med/Heavy which would be paired with a storm jib for headsail options but we don't like to deliver upwind if we can help it.
  4. Great race, I'm enjoying the battle back and forth between Chutzpah and Showtime in the fast 40's. Both are doing well trying to hang on to the back of the 50's
  5. Looks great Shaggy! Thanks for all the info in this thread and all the best with the commissioning!
  6. Wow looks great, I really like the contrasting dark grey. Congratulations FOP!!
  7. Great project FOP, been following along marvelling at what a quality and thorough job you and the family have been doing, congratulations, it looks like it's really coming together.
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