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  1. There ya go. What's Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber working on these days? Some colored lights, a few aerial dancers, and an overblown, derivative score.... This could be the watery equivalent of Starlight Express! HotRod! (the musical) In which a family of misfits builds a large multihull out of scavenged parts, in defiance of all critics & meddling officials, and sails off into the sunset. Starring: HotRod (Ian Gillan), Viking (Jack Black), SheRod (Lady Gaga, if we can get her), Ma Clampett (Sarah Brightman), and Guy LeDouche (himself). Also Spoffo (an intrepid reporter), a Chor
  2. If this is any indication, HR is inking a movie deal right now. He's played everyone. www.rawfaithmovie.com Oh, and I know....piss off, tits, etc.
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