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  1. hey regattagirl -

    where do you sail out of? what kind of boat?

  2. thought he was selling his?
  3. funny how peoples mind's work- took me a minute but then LOL
  4. OH shit - I just puked on myself. To each his own, but not many guys can pull of that kind of attitude like he can. IMHO that's a classic.
  5. i think he knows too the following is quoted from the J/29 Website article summarizing the 2005 J/29 North Americans (no author listed) "Saturday morning was gray and the winds howled again but more westerly. John Esposito’s crew on Hustler put their stamp on the regatta in the big breeze. They have always been respected for their heavy air prowess but this time they left the marina blasting M.C. Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” from their windows-down Ford Excursion."
  6. had to create a new identity (or lack thereof) to post this huh?
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