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  1. as if I were flexing, you dumb fkn' ratbastard.
  2. would it hurt your feelings if I shoved your 'personal protection' device up your shithole? you paranoid right-wing dipshits with your persecution complexes fkn' suck.
  3. as long as they don't turn the 'EPA' into a contradiction of terms (and indeed displace any rotten motherfucker who would) I wouldn't stress too hard.
  4. you said it, not me. but yes, I don't consider 'lefties' having fucked the pooch by default. how are the black turds doing, are you regular?
  5. I don't give a fk about this flavor of the week bs. especially not with real problems in the world that demand triage but get only insufficient consideration when convenient. fkn' lame, prioritize already, bitches.
  6. how about this? fuck those pontificating bubblegum extremist shitbags (and their robes). only in a dysfunctional society does shit like that have 'authority', I don't acknowledge it. death to right-wing ideology.
  7. c'mon, why even elaborate? fuck that giant Turd. here's the long and short of it: Dump needs his ass exterminated, yesterday.
  8. monkey business, doesn't mean shit to me. it's like a bad skit. gawd bless 'murica
  9. 'using less' is the most effective 'energy technology' there is, but it's off the table. bloody fucking hell have we cocked up with regard to existing on this finite planet, and there's no real end in sight. surreal, welcome to the downhill slide.
  10. when you press the return key, does it stimulate your ass plug?
  11. thankfully, tedious klowns are a dying breed (but it's not happening quickly enough).
  12. you can bend over, doesn't mean I'll always oblige.
  13. don't mind if I do, scumbag, don't mind if I do...
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