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  1. Tear that crass (right-wing) bullshit down...
  2. Jizzy needs to try rationalize (mostly to himself) that over reliance on petroleum products is merely the default because he's right-wing and doesn't want to feel like a bloody misguided dinosaur. persistent old fk'r, and he'll get nasty if you challenge his personal opinionated narrative which is nine-parts bullshit.
  3. to all the ridiculous, disrespectful kuntz flailing to try to minimize/deny man kind's sole responsibility in fucking everything up (and not just climate systems); go fire up your gas burning wheelchairs/shitboxes, then go to the tail pipes and wrap your dick suckers around the opening for a mere solid three seconds then come back here and tell us how that makes u feel. there's no real debate here, unless it's the one about why there are so many morally bankrupt assholes thieving oxygen in the world. fuck the 'deniers', fuck the minimizers.
  4. well, some care about the 'real shit', guess you don't bobblehead. fuckin' yay for u.
  5. maybe in a way they've finally stood their ridiculous clown gum flappers down in the face of the tidalwave of evidence against their cretinous bullshit, but their political representatives are still dragging their amoral cunt asses on taking even 1% of the action that's needed to slow (let alone reverse) the damage which has already altered climate and ecosystems everywhere. rights and justice institutions need to be established to help with ecological protections, the world needs to start seeing the continued abuse and exploitation of the natural world as a criminal act.
  6. godamn, the right-wing looks worse than shit here, same old. wonder if they'd look any better if they simply admitted they're being led around by their snouts by their old masters; 'the economy', freedumb and spite? simple mf'ers...
  7. yea, the rather self explanatory one that most likely doesn't sit well with you.
  8. sen. bitch mcCturtleman R. sure is a politically 'crafty' ratfuck (not that that's difficult if you're not constrained by morals), but if you consider the utter transparency of his motives and actions, he's just another disingenuous, right-wing scumbag bullshitter, and he's probably the king. it's actually too bad some democrats who can't get most of what they want done because of his petty obstructionism don't selectively adopt some mafia tactics and put a wire around his neck for the good of the cuntry, world and planet. the sooner that evil fkn' cunt is ashes, the better.
  9. based on your political ideology, logic would dictate you should barely be capable of wiping your ass effectively. but anyway..
  10. gotta' say that's another argument I personally don't really buy (granted, Turd had some real unqualified idjits in key positions, himself being the glaring example).
  11. a lot of stars would need to align for the shits to be able to succeed and then settle in. it's possible, but it would be fucking incredible.
  12. so what you're saying is there's not enough available resistance throughout the country and from all it's various institutions to resist some fascist authoritarians who's dictator fuckfest went according to plan? and for how long would that shit stand if it did succeed? obviously I see your point, but things would suddenly get very messy and many would break protocol to put the bastards down. I can't see it simply being tolerated. if that means war, then maybe that means war.
  13. your argument is solid, but I can't really get there myself. too many 'firewalls' to overcome and breach. hell, it's the united states of america, some deluded morons with goatees and pot bellies are going to alter it's course?
  14. c'mon y'all, I get that borderline hysterics can get the blood up a little, but these trumptards weren't ever going to overthrow shit, and they knew it. they were just there to take a shit on the place and display their lack of respect. they pushed those boundaries because they had a hunch they could, that hunch was correct.
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