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  1. that's a blatant lie, a complete and utter reversal of reality. I'd love to see your stupid, shameless right-wing ass come here and try to push your angle while being totally honest and factual. that wouldn't go well for you, you'd be rendered irrelevant by your own idiocy within a few posts, you'd fkn' drown. you're fucked in the head. and go get your confused ass vaccinated against covid19 for other's sake.
  2. not 'hurting anyone'? connect a couple dots you simple blindman fuckwit. for example, look at the simple concept of the diarrhea you support with your idiot's vote like an 'EPA' that's dictated by motherfuckin' industry i.e. criminal ecological pollution/devastation. that's a grievous moral failing, and that's just for starters. you homer simpson morons come here trying to justify and defend your asinine shit ideology when only a dumb shortsighted fuckwit would presume to have the wiggle room to do that. you don't even have that, you fkn' dummy.
  3. so you're a petty fuck as well as a card-carrying bigot... tedious bastard..
  4. where's the one with the 'corporate polluter' on the ground?
  5. a waste of time? versus what? few of the world's problems are getting solved here.
  6. alert: sea cucumber has his froth on. oh wait, it's always on.
  7. nowhere to hide? if I'm not mistaken, that's why so many rich kunts get off as they buy their way out of accountability, via the courts. seems a smooth talking trial lawyer can all too easily be ALL about bullshit. I'll bet the 'judicial process' has plucked that uber asshole tRump's hide from the flames many times. one can imagine a more pure form of justice...
  8. 3to1


    someone should blow bols0naro's fkn' head off, it can become an international day of celebration.
  9. don't look now, but one is creeping up on your 6, ruffrider. watch that ass.
  10. addiction is no joke, I get that. the ball is in your court.
  11. it occurred to me today that the reich-wingers are always claiming the libs have rose colored glasses on that mainline fairy dust and guzzle unicorn semen. I wonder if they actually realize they're the stupid asinine shitcunts who are actually the sole barriers to said 'liberal agendas' that are in reality, completely valid, sensible and possible to implement and to literally make the nation and world a kinder and more gentle place. then I reaffirmed to myself that the shit and scorn I dump on the morans here is actually justified, almost a civic duty even.
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