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  1. Strut compressed side of mast. Very hard reaching, they just did a sail change.
  2. Barman


    Looks great fella, shame about the tack then the fenders over the side, on our boat we shout the bar if that happens! Top job(for a shipping crate)
  3. , yep it's me so fuck off then!!!

  4. Barman


    1.i didn't mean stiff as in physically. i was talking about no weight on the bottom ie. tippy as hell 2. the rudders are like 2 feet long. tiny. 3-4.the boats bow up/stern down so it doesnt trip over itself surfing down 2-3metre waves (and it trys to as it is) it feels like it wants to nosedive all the time- no buoyancy in the bow sections 5. possibly, thats what i was thinking. 6. lots of extra drag for another appendage (4???) 7. $$$$$ cheers PS it doesn't matter about habdicap anymore, the boat has been rejected by the ASBA and has not been granted an exception to the 6m rule (
  5. Barman


    Tokyo realised this early on, he only enters races that are all downwind(S2C, Wintersun, Bay2Bay) It does ok in these races, in any other race he entered where there was a windward leg he was back with boats like a Castle 650... To put it bluntly, they just do not go upwind.
  6. Barman


    Is the rumour true that a Hartley 16 beat an i550 around a race track without flying a spinnaker
  7. Barman


    Whatever, Tokyo they are Elliott beaters.
  8. Barman


    36min over 2 days Tokyo, in 10knots of breeze thats outa sight, in a downwind race.
  9. Barman


    but Tokyo in an all round event like the St Helena Cup last year you were 46min Race 1 and nearly an hour in Race 2 behind us fella.
  10. Barman


    With poorly sailed ones!
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